Pioneering Sustainability: New Zealand’s Innovative And Groundbreaking Marine Products

The integration of innovation and environmental diligence is also built into New Zealand's companies and brands.

In New Zealand, dedication to environmental protection is deeply ingrained in the national identity. From protecting the islands’ natural beauty from invasive biohazards to programs aimed at rebuilding endangered species and ecosystems, commitment to sustainability is built into New Zealand’s culture. This integration of innovation and environmental diligence is also built into New Zealand’s companies and brands, particularly in the marine industry, where environmental conservation plays a pivotal role. Marine brands like ZeroJet, with their all-electric propulsion systems, and Propspeed, with their biocide-free foul-release coatings, stand as global leaders in placing sustainability at the forefront of their business.

ZeroJet stands as a prime example of New Zealand brands’ commitment to sustainable practices by placing environmental consciousness at the center of all its business decisions and practices. They design and manufacture electric jet propulsion systems for tenders and RIBs that are powerful, quiet and sustainable. The company’s world-leading plug-and-play system is fast to install, enabling boatbuilders to seamlessly transition to electric power. The ZeroJet team is highly committed to leading the charge towards environmentally conscious boating, simplifying the switch for boatbuilders and helping them tap into the growing consumer demand for more sustainable boating. With an ambitious vision, the ZeroJet leadership team aspires to eliminate the need for combustion engines on the water, revolutionizing the marine industry with their innovative, planet-friendly solutions. 

The ZeroJet system includes an in-house built electric motor, proprietary control software, and a jet pump that has been optimized to be the most efficient on the market. This impressive system functions as a zero-emissions alternative to traditional combustion outboards, delivering high-quality performance with minimal noise and a low profile that effortlessly glides over shallow ecosystems. With ZeroJet, boaters no longer need to compromise between sustainability and performance.

EV Maritime takes a bold and innovative approach to promoting sustainable solutions for pressing challenges. Headquartered in Auckland, EV Maritime is a clean-tech design, engineering, and technology company on a mission to decarbonize the harbor cities of the world. Central to this goal is the development and delivery of electric ferries, supporting boat builders around the world in their transition to high-quality electric boat construction. To further extend their dedication, EV Maritime encourages public transport agencies to buy from these environmentally conscious boat builders with confidence.

The first two vessels of EV Maritime’s EVM200 design will be launched in 2024. The carbon-fiber catamaran vessels are designed to bring a new level of efficiency to passenger ferry operations, enabling electrification to be applied to longer, faster, and more frequent ferry services.

As a full-service electrical integrator in the marine industry, McKay Group offers comprehensive and cutting-edge electrical solutions. Encompassing design, engineering, switchboard manufacturing, installation, and complete vessel alarm and monitoring packages, their offerings adhere strictly to international classification rules and regulations. McKay’s success in marine electrification is exemplified by their remarkable achievement in completing the first 100% electric passenger ferry in the Southern Hemisphere, the Ika Rere. Proving the necessity for sustainable marine practices, the effect of McKay’s electrical package for the Ika Rere led to a significant reduction in carbon emissions from East by West Ferries by 220,000kg, while simultaneously slashing fuel consumption by nearly 40%. As a global leader in the field, McKay’s expertise and influence are paving the way for other companies to follow suit, spearheading sustainable marine practices, and promoting a greener future for the industry.

In addition to its two-decade track record in protecting the performance of running gear, underwater metals, and niche areas on vessels worldwide, Propspeed’s biocide-free foul-release coatings deliver unique benefits to boaters and vessel operators that support the important mission of marine preservation.

Instead of killing marine growth with toxins and further contributing to negative environmental impacts, the Propspeed system creates a hydrophobic surface that insulates the coated area and prevents marine growth from attaching to all coated underwater assets. Any minimal growth that does form is washed away as soon as the propeller spins and water movement occurs over the coating. This reduces the spread of invasives species from location to location, delivers sustained vessel performance and reduced fuel burn, resulting in less emissions released over the lifetime use of a vessel.

In 2021, French company Icard Maritime applied Propspeed to its hybrid-powered passenger boat Helios. The vessel has a hybrid-diesel and electric propulsion to allow it to operate in the natural park of Calanques in Marseille, a protected site. Following the application of Propspeed, Hélios experienced an increase in speed and an impressive reduction in fuel consumption by over 15%.

Repeatedly proven to improve fuel efficiency and vessel performance, Propspeed’s benefits extend beyond the reduction of invasive species, fuel burn and biocides. Finding the correct balance between Propspeed and anodes can also help to achieve a substantial reduction in anode fall-out. Traditional anodes such as zinc can have significant impacts on the marine environment, so minimizing fall-out is essential for the health of our oceans.

“The protection and preservation of our planet’s rivers, lakes and oceans is central to New Zealand’s marine industry, this environment is our ‘home’,” said Rod McDonald, New Zealand Trade and Enterprise’s Canadian Business Development Manager for Marine. “It is against this backdrop that New Zealand companies are leading the charge to create globally competitive products that not only perform to an exceptional standard, but also protect and minimize harm to our freshwater and marine ecosystems. New Zealand marine companies are known for their innovative approach and will continue to develop design-led solutions for a more sustainable future.”

The New Zealand marine sector is highly regarded in the global industry, renowned for producing high-quality products across various marine categories. Characterized by a steadfast dedication to innovation and advanced technology, New Zealand will continue to produce world-leading marine products and services across all sectors, reinforcing its position as a key player in the global maritime landscape.

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