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Playing The Slot: ASMFC Declares Striper Emergency

In a surprise vote by the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC) and its Atlantic Striped Bass Management Board (Board) on May 2, 2023, fisheries managers directed all ocean states to modify recreational striped bass regulations to adopt a one fish bag and a 28- to 31-inch size limit.

In an official press release issued the following day, ASMFC’s Tina Berger said the emergency order to incorporate a 31-inch maximum size coastal limit for 2023 was made to reduce the directed harvest of the strong 2015 year class. “The 31-inch maximum size limit applies to all existing recreational fishery regulations where a higher (or no) maximum size applies, excluding the May Chesapeake Bay trophy fisheries which already prohibit harvest of fish less than 35 inches,” Berger said.

States have until July 2 to adopt the new slot measures, which are to remain in place through until at least October 28.  “If it deems necessary, the Board may extend the emergency action for two additional periods of up to one year each at a future Board meeting,” said Berger.

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