PRADCO Introduces Bandit Walleye Shallow

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PRADCO Introduces Bandit Walleye Shallow

Dark skies, a range of depths, choppy surfaces and other conditions cause widely varying conditions everywhere walleye trolling lures run. Add the common need to call fish from afar, and it’s easy to see why bold color patterns that feature bright contrasting colors, sharp lines, dots and other striking design features are crucial for walleye trolling.


That’s a big part of why custom painting crankbaits is immensely popular throughout walleye country and why Bandit Lures is introducing seven bold colors that look like custom paint shop work to the hugely popular Bandit Walleye Shallow.


Trolling to a dozen feet on a flat line and measuring 4 ½ inches, the Bandit  Walleye Shallow offers an ideal shape for imitating large baitfish, a moderate, enticing wobble, and a sound that calls walleyes close and prompts strikes.


New colors are: Pink Yellow, White Blue/Orange Head, Black Pink/Yellow Head, Chartreuse/Orange/Chartreuse Head, Chartreuse Green/Purple Head, White Yellow/Pink Tail and Red Green Yellow Black Lace.


MSRP: $7.79