Precision Meets Purpose in the Mustad JAW LOK Hook

Treble hooks are essential elements of modern lurecraft – yet each treble hook that adorns a lure today is made individually, typically by brazing a double hook to a single hook. Because this process occurs one treble hook at a time, the opportunities for one hook to be measurably different from another are significant. If too little or too much solder joins the hooks together, the treble may be weak and fail under stress or throw the lure out of balance as it swims. Poorly aligned tines may impact the lure during the cast or retrieve, or snag on structure during the heat of battle. Those differences – those imperfections – lead to missed opportunities and lost fish. Is it worth the risk?

At ICAST 2022, Mustad – the industry leader in hook design and manufacture since 1877 – will unveil JAW LOK: The first and only inline treble hook manufactured by a completely automated process, eliminating the hook-to-hook variability – and uncertainty – associated with individually manufactured trebles. The days of wondering and worrying about the treble hooks in your tackle collection are over.

The culmination of a 20-year quest to fully automate the production of inline trebles, Mustad’s JAW LOK stands as the most precise – indeed, the most perfect – treble hook ever manufactured. Thanks to Mustad’s innovative manufacturing and machining methods, every quantifiable aspect of treble hook design and composition – from weights to gaps, to the alignment of the tines and more – is identical from one JAW LOK to another. Welcome to a new world of precision tolerances and complete reproducibility that makes every JAW LOK treble hook – quite simply – superior.

JAW LOK features an inline design with the hook eye aligned perfectly with one tine. When rigged on lures, JAW LOK belly hooks tuck against the lure’s body with one tine pointed straight down, while tail hooks trail the lure precisely with one tine pointed straight up. The lightest trebles in their class, JAW LOK hooks allow baits to track truer and deliver improved hook-up ratios. The ultimate consistency of JAW LOK trebles ensures that baits exhibit optimized strike-triggering action. Indeed, JAW LOK helps all lures reach their apex of productivity.

Each JAW LOK features Mustad’s UltraPoint technology, which keeps hooks sharper, longer. The state-of-the-art process for forging an UltraPoint removes less metal than other conventional methods, so JAW LOK trebles start 20% sharper and are designed to stay that way during and after use. JAW LOK trebles feature a Titan Steel coating with a sleek gunmetal finish, providing each with over 750 hours of saltwater corrosion resistance – more than 20 times longer than typical black nickel trebles. JAW LOK’s fully forged hybrid design maximizes gap and hooking power, keeping fish pinned after the strike. No other hook is designed for long-term performance and durability like JAW LOK.

Precision meets purpose in Mustad’s new JAW LOK trebles. Riding the crest of a decades-long effort to fully automate inline treble hook production, JAW LOK makes every other treble hook obsolete. JAW LOK trebles will be available as 3X, 4X, and 5X strong hooks with sizes ranging from 8 to 5/0 and MSRPs starting at $8.99. JAW LOK trebles debut in the ICAST New Product Showcase – see them there, and learn more about Mustad’s outstanding introductions in Booth 223 at ICAST 2022.

JAW LOK Features

  • 100% Machine-made Inline Trebles
  • Ultimate Consistency in Weight and Shape
  • Fully-forged Hybrid Design
  • Titan Steel Coating
  • UltraPoint 4.3
  • Available as 3X, 4X, 5X Strong in Sizes from 8 to 5/0

About Mustad

Mustad has led the global hook market since 1877. Mustad’s mission is to create a comprehensive multi-brand company that leads the fishing tackle industry while focusing on innovation, employee and customer satisfaction, and sustainability. With the addition of TUF-Line and LIVETARGET, Mustad continues to solidify its position as a complete sports fishing brand family.

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