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Publisher’s Note: American Sportfishing Association Summit

We’re at the ASA Summit this week in Destin, FL which is the American Sportfishing Association’s annual meeting at which members gather to work together to improve the sportfishing industry. The first day kicks off with a meeting of the board of directors and when you see who is on the board, you realize there are some heavy hitters in the room.

American Sportfishing Association Elects Board of Directors Members

You also realize many of these board members are fierce competitors the rest of the year so it might seem surprising that they are sitting next to each other in a business meeting but for this initiative they roll up their sleeve and work side by side to bring their expertise and vast knowledge to the table to grow and improve the industry and our fisheries. There are manufacturers, wholesalers,  and media at the table so there are a lot of different experiences that form their perspectives.

This week there will be meetings on government affairs, market insights, trade & commerce, public relations & media, sustainability and more. Each meeting will see many of the sharpest minds in the business focused on moving the ball forward and address issues that impact all of us that love fishing. If you’ve ever wondered what a trade organization like the ASA actually does beyond producing an annual trade show, creating this environment over four days of meetings is a great example of their commitment and effort. 

Setting the tone for the week, in the board meeting representatives from each department of the ASA report of their work since the last time the board met. It becomes clear that a lot of very important work gets done quietly by these folks.  They are our advocates to the federal government which is probably the most important aspect of their work.  They represent you and me in Washington DC and are laser focused on protecting the future of fishing. If you want to be a part of that effort you can sign up to help here.

We’ll keep you updated this week from the ASA Summit this week but for today, know that over 200 industry veterans are putting a lot of energy into how we can increase participation in fishing so we protect the future of fishing and putting in the elbow grease to make things better for our sport, for our fisheries and for you.

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