Quite Simply The SMARTEST Reel In The History Of Fishing

The new KastKing iReel 2 is the smartest fishing reel in the history of ever.

No, it won’t find the fish or tell you where to cast. It won’t make your fish any bigger or resolve the forward-facing sonar debate. But it will give you the real-time casting metrics (like casting distance, retrieve speed, and cadence) and the spool braking system you need to make smooth, effortless, backlash-free casts that touch down right where you want them to, and it provides the analytics so you can make the proper presentation, time after time after time, to be more successful, catch more fish, and have more fun.

What could be smarter than that?

The iReel 2 debuts at ICAST, and it has all the bells and whistles without any of the unnecessary noise. At 1.5 inches (39mm) in height and weighing just 7 ounces, it’s compact in size, but its 18 pounds of stopping power in the carbon disc drag system means it packs plenty of punch. It’s 7.2:1 gear ratio makes it ideal for just about any method that catches fish.

The patented Axis Eye line guide has a wide opening that limits friction for longer casts with less effort. Engage the reel, and it returns to a narrower opening that perfectly lays line back on the spool for the next ultrasmooth cast.

All of that is packed into a beautiful, electroplated silver finish housing that features an IPX 7 waterproof rating.

But it’s not just practical and attractive. The iReel 2 is wicked smart, too. So smart you’ll want to show it off to friends and introduce it at parties.

It has six preset braking modes to put you in total control whether you’re launching big swimbaits, punching matted cover, or skipping a jig under a boat dock. 

Then there’s the analytics — the word that seems to permeate everything these days. The iReel 2 measures a variety of casting elements in real time, including distance, retrieve speed and cadence. This information is shared with the angler via a Bluetooth connection to a smartphone, KastKing’s Fish IQ Smart Fishing Sunglasses, or Bluetooth-capable earbuds. It’s what KastKing calls their “Smart Fishing Reel Ecosystem,” and it takes everything from old school pattern fishing to new school live sonar to levels that are unattainable with other fishing reels.

We all know how to “pattern” fish by replicating the circumstances and conditions of where they are and what they’ll eat, but iReel 2 takes it a quantum leap further by informing the angler how far back he should be in making a presentation and enabling the angler to perfectly repeat a successful retrieve speed and cadence. Try that with yesterday’s reel!

With forward-facing sonar and heavily pressured fish, casting distance is more critical than ever. The iReel 2 helps not only by making long casts easier, but by showing the angler just how far to cast over an identified fish to get the bait to fall right on target. It’s the difference between a bite and no bite … or the iReel 2 and something less.

But if the extra technology is not for you — or if you’re unable to charge your iReel 2 — don’t worry. It’s still the finest baitcaster on the market, and it works just great without being charged.

Check out the iReel 2 at ICAST and see the next generation of fishing.


·         Real time casting metrics, such as casting distance and retrieve speed

·         6 preset Smart Braking modes to handle the most popular bass techniques

·         Customizable IFC braking system

·         IFC processor with an IPX 7 waterproof rating

·         Magnesium construction weighs only 7 ounces

·         1.5-inch (39mm) high frame for a tight, comfortable profile

·         Axis Eye Line Guide for longer casts

·         Connects via Bluetooth to KastKing’s Smart Fishing Reel Ecosystem

·         18 pounds of stopping power via the carbon disc drag

·         11+1 stainless steel ball bearings

·         7.2:1 gear ratio that’s “just right” for most fishing methods and retrieves

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