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Raising Golden Trout

Golden trout are not native to Wyoming, but they’ve been in the state for more than 100 years. These colorful fish are native to high-alpine waters in California, and over the years golden trout were stocked in high-alpine lakes around the Cowboy State. Since 1985 the Wyoming Game and Fish Department has stocked 88 different waters with golden trout.

A big reason why Wyoming has a sustainable golden trout fishery is because the Story Fish Hatchery is home to the only genetically pure strain of captive golden trout broodstock in the world. Instead of gathering eggs in the wild, personnel at Story raise adult fish to spawn. Story is Game and Fish’s primary broodstock facility. It also houses broodstocks for brook, brown, rainbow and lake trout.

The reason for broodstocks of any species is two-fold.

“Going out in the wild to collect eggs can be unreliable from year-to-year,” said Steve Diekema, Story Hatchery superintendent. “You have to time it right and catch the females when they are ready to release their eggs.

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