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Reach Peak Fishing Performance With Humminbird’s APEX™ Series

Fish finders help anglers spend less time surveying the water, but they do so much more for the fishing experience. Dialing in a fish finder with the right settings, views and tools gives you loads of data to make a smarter plan on the water. All that intel makes getting on and staying on fish effortless.

It’s hard to find anything that tops the APEX™ Series from Humminbird®. This is the pinnacle of their fish finder line, offering all the sonar leader’s best imaging and mapping technologies in vivid detail.

APEX is compatible with Humminbird’s best imaging technologies: the real-time picture of MEGA Live Imaging®. Full-circle scans from MEGA 360 Imaging®. The eye-popping detail of both MEGA Side Imaging® and MEGA Down Imaging®, looking left, right and down for fish, depth and structure.

Each APEX provides a full-HD picture in a sleek, low-profile screen available in three sizes (18.5”, 15.6” or 13.3”). Each unit features Humminbird’s Cross Touch® display, giving anglers the ease of a touchscreen with the stability of physical buttons (very helpful in harsh conditions). Networking multiple APEX units together with transducers, sensors, a trolling motor and other marine electronics is simple, thanks to dual Ethernet ports, Dual-Channel CHIRP Sonar support and HDMI in/out ports.

This big screen makes a big difference. Learn how four of APEX’s features help anglers up their game.

APEX ChooseViewingPanes

Pick and Choose Viewing Panes

Coming in Humminbird’s largest screen sizes, APEX units provide plenty of real estate to bring multiple mapping and sonar images into one view. Best of all, anglers can arrange the screen to fit their style and fishing scenario. Templates range from one to four panes and can be customized to display mapping or sonar returns.

APEX MarkWaypoints

Tap the Screen to Set Waypoints

Once your view is set to your preference, you can start to find and save the spots you like to fish. With APEX’s Cross Touch display, anglers have two ways to mark a waypoint: pressing and holding on the screen’s map or sonar return or tapping the dedicated physical button. For added peace of mind, back up your most prized fishing spots on an SD card with APEX’s waypoint export feature.

APEX Mapping

Mark Your Built-in Basemap

APEX control heads provide integrated GPS chart plotting overlaid on the built-in Humminbird Basemap. APEX is compatible with premium chart offerings from Humminbird CoastMaster® and LakeMaster® charts, as well as Navionics® products to provide you coverage options no matter where you fish.

APEX Settings

Customize Your Sonar and Chart Settings

The basic view isn’t always the best. On the sidebar of APEX’s display, anglers can fine tune the view of their sonar picture including sensitivity, chart speed, contrast and range. From the top of the screen, it’s easy to change the color palette to help distinguish depth and contours.

The difference is clear with APEX. Beyond its sleek screen lies an embarrassment of fishing riches: full-networking capabilities, a full-HD display and full compatibility with Humminbird’s best-in-class imaging.

APEX brings your best fishing into view. If you want to discover more options available in Humminbird’s top fish finders, dive deeper into their APEX Series.

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