Red Snapper Fishing Closes in State Waters November 20

Austin, TX – The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) will close red snapper fishing in state waters on Monday, Nov. 20, at 11:59 p.m. until January 2024. Federal waters remain closed until the summer.

“While we are disappointed to close state waters earlier than we had hoped, the pattern of prolonged federal seasons highlights the success of Texas’ state-managed red snapper fishery,” said Robin Riechers, TPWD Coastal Fisheries Division Director. “This year, anglers had a chance to take advantage of a 93-day federal season. Also, unusually calm offshore conditions in early June and July allowed anglers to catch red snapper at a higher rate than in 2022.”

Under an agreement between TPWD and the National Marine Fisheries Service, the department can establish the opening and closing dates of the annual red snapper fishery in federal waters while also continuing to manage red snapper fishing in state waters. As part of this agreement, Texas must close the entire fishery when the state’s allotted poundage is reached for the year.

Traditionally, TPWD has provided a year-round red snapper fishing season in state waters and a limited red snapper fishing season in federal waters, which begins in June and closes after a certain number of days. The length of the season in federal waters has been calculated to attempt to allow for a year-round season in state waters while remaining under the allotted annual catch limit. The catch limit applies to fish landed from state and federal waters combined.

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