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Report a Sturgeon to CT DEEP

Have you seen a prehistoric looking fish jump out of the water? Have you seen the carcass of a large fish with shark-like tail washed up on the riverbank? Have you had a STURGEON jump into your boat?! Please report your sightings to us with this simple online form.

We know people have seen these things, and more, based on social media posts. Tracking these observations is an important part of research into the Shortnose and Atlantic Sturgeon populations in Connecticut waters being conducted by the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection. But sometimes biologists working on Sturgeon Research don’t see the social media post. And sometimes researchers need more information but don’t have an effective way to get the information directly from the person who saw the Sturgeon.

Would you like to help with Sturgeon Research in Connecticut waters? Any sturgeon sighting information, past or present, whether the sturgeon was healthy, injured, or dead, is important to CT DEEP researchers. One easy way to help is to use CT DEEP’s new online app, Report-a-Sturgeon, whenever you see a Sturgeon!

Report your sightings here.

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