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Retailers: Double Up with Fish Monkey Face Guards

Today’s anglers are more cognizant than ever before of the harmful damage the sun can cause. Of critical importance is protecting the sensitive skin of the face, neck and ears, areas which are most susceptible to sun damage from prolonged exposure. For years, fishermen have turned to face guards, but most are just a simple tube of fabric left over from performance shirts. They don’t breathe well and also tend to fog up when wearing sunglasses.

With most glove orders, anglers will also pick up a matching face guard if one is readily available. That’s why more retailers are stocking the Fish Monkey face guard than ever before, and they’re seeing the difference in the bottom line!

FM40 Face Guard Bass 1

Fish Monkey has a uniquely designed face guard which is worlds apart from the traditional tube in terms of comfort. And thanks to a series of laser-cut holes in the mouth area, they are able to virtually eliminate fogging. With a lighter fabric that’s more tightly woven, Fish Monkey face guards are able to offer a UPF 50-plus level of sun protection which is also highly moisture wicking and won’t retain odors from perspiration.

FM40 Face Guard Voodoo swamp Red

Now your customers can ditch the goopy sunscreens and turn to a product that offers outstanding protection, performance and and all-day comfort on the water: Fish Monkey.

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