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Right Now on the Fish of the Week! Podcast – Pacific Tuna

William Aila from Hawaii shares his knowledge about traditional and contemporary fishing techniques and dishes, management and conservation. This episode offers a window into the lives of tuna in the Pacific Ocean, cultural connections to them, and a local perspective of a globally significant group of fishes. May 2 is World Tuna Day and the Month of May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month.

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About this podcast

Originating as a tribute to 150 years of fisheries conservation, Season 1 followed co-hosts Katrina Liebich and Guy Eroh as they sought to unpack the diversity of Alaska’s fishes. Season 2 followed up as a true audio almanac to ALL THE FISH: a week-by-week tour of interesting American ichthyofauna with guests around the country from all walks of life. Season 3 continues a journey across America featuring fish big and small, common and rare, beautiful and downright strange. Diverse guests will continue to bring their perspectives about the latest fisheries science and how fish are woven into the fabric of communities and cultures across North America and beyond. The co-hosts bring their own excitement and humor to help listeners walk away from each episode smiling and with practical information about how to connect with and conserve our amazing finned friends.

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