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Ryan Salzman Wins 100k At Bass Pro Tour Watt’s Bar With BaitFuel

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS – “I’m not sponsored by them, but DUDE it works!” and with that Ryan Salzman let his secret out on what was giving him the edge over his competitors during Stage Five of the Major League Fishing Bass Pro Tour at Watt’s Bar.

Salzman spent his entire week focusing on an area above the Watt’s Bar Dam, primarily drop-shotting with BaitFuel applied on a Roboworm in Morning Dawn color.

“I seriously won because of BaitFuel!” said Salzman. “When it was slow, I could consistently pitch my drop shot to a fish I’d see on my Lowrance Active Target, and it wouldn’t bite. I’d put some BaitFuel directly on the worm and boom! He’d eat! It’s one thing to think scent gives you an advantage, but to watch BaitFuel consistently get inactive fish to go in real time shows it’s the real deal!”

Salzman had the Tennessee Valley Authority dam to himself all week, which allowed him to slowly pick apart key areas with his drop shot targeting both active and inactive fish. BaitFuel was critical in triggering those fish to bite and rack up enough weight to take home the win and the $100,000 prize.

BaitFuel Gel works with any bait type. It can easily be added to your favorite bag of soft plastics to marinate your baits overnight or on tournament day, giving you the full power of BaitFuel with every cast. Because it’s a gel, BaitFuel will stay on longer and is super-slick to help your lure slide through cover easier. Unlike other scents, BaitFuel Gel is virtually odorless to humans and won’t stain your carpets.

BaitFuel products have undergone extensive scientific research and testing to ensure the mix of bite-inducing ingredients is fully optimized for maximum performance in both BaitFuel Gel and BaitFuel integrated soft plastics. BaitFuel is supercharged with F.A.S.T. (Fish Active Scent Technology), water-based technology that releases scent easily and mimics the smell and taste of actual prey.

BaitFuel provokes key predatory aggression habits in fish, stimulating more bites and longer hold times for your bait. It keeps fish biting, cast after cast, even on pressured bass by creating a supercharged scent cloud behind your bait. BaitFuel expands your strike zone and brings more fish to your bait.

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