Savage Gear RevMag Walker Delivers Long Distance Precision Presentations

The ultimate topwater walking bait with irresistible action built for smooth casting

Columbia, SC – Savage Gear has prioritized designing technology that answers the demand for lures that can attract and land large saltwater species. Savage Gear introduces the RevMag Walker, an innovative topwater lure featuring Savage Gear’s new patent-pending reverse magnetic weight transfer system that ensures longer casts while maintaining perfect balance in the water. 

The Savage Gear RevMag Walker introduces a never-seen-before lure design that enables precise casts and long-distance presentations. No longer will anglers endure the frustration of topwater lure hooks fouling on the surface upon impact. The innovative magnetic weight transfer system in the RevMag Walker allows the weight to move backward during the cast. Then the internal magnet kicks in, transferring the weight and propelling the weight forward while ensuring a smooth, flat landing on the water.

“The RevMag Walker represents our commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology and design to provide anglers with the tools they need to make every cast count,” said Adam Ott, Savage Gear Brand Manager. This new design ensures the lure hits the water skinny, allowing it to start working immediately. Sometimes you only get one cast to land a trophy.”

Designed to excel in all inshore and nearshore saltwater fishing scenarios, the RevMag Walker delivers a wide side-to-side walking action, mimicking a dying fish that triggers ferocious bites from the large predators roaming the water. Each lure is equipped with robust and corrosion-resistant ultra-sharp hooks, with a vice-like grip ready to snare and land the hardest-fighting fish.

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• Reverse magnetic weight transfer system
• Equipped with robust and corrosion-resistant hooks
• Captivating walking action that entices strikes

Sizes: 95 • 120 
Colors: American Shad • Bone • Dirty Silver • Ghost Minnow • Lemon Back • White Flash • Gold Black • Black Purple • Pink Purple • AYU Chrome
MSRP: $14.99

Available: September 2024

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