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Sawfish News Update for November 2022

The U.S. Smalltooth Sawfish Recovery team has released a new video titled “RESPECT – RELEASE – REPORT: Guidelines for Interactions with Endangered Sawfish in the United States” to give anglers, divers, and boaters information about what to do if they catch or see an endangered sawfish.

Sawfish were once found in coastal waters of the United States from Texas to North Carolina. But decades of mortality in fisheries and the loss of important nursery habitats led to dramatic reductions in both their numbers and range. Now they are generally only found in Florida and most commonly in southwest Florida around Everglades National Park. Sawfish are federally protected as endangered species under the Endangered Species Act and need your help to survive and avoid extinction. The guidelines in the new video will teach you how to Respect, Release, and Report sawfish you catch while fishing or encounter while diving, snorkeling, or boating.

The video is available on YouTube at and on the Sawfish Recovery Team website at

If you see or catch a sawfish, note its estimated total length, and the date, time, and your location with GPS coordinates if available. Please share the information by visiting, calling 1-844-4SAWFISH, emailing, or entering the details in the FWC Reporter App to help scientists steer research and conservation efforts and track recovery of the population.

The goal is to recover the United States population of smalltooth sawfish so that it no longer needs the protections of the Endangered Species Act. Following the guidelines in the video will help prevent extinction and aid in population rebuilding and ultimately recovery.

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