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See Why Pro Anglers Are Calling Ultrex QUEST ‘The Strongest, Baddest Trolling Motor On The Planet’

The accolades keep rolling in for Ultrex™ QUEST™, the new brushless version of Minn Kota’s premier bow-mount trolling motor.

Minn Kota® announced the all-new QUEST Series as part of its bow-mount trolling motor launch on June 26. Every one of their bow-mount motors has been upgraded with enhanced GPS navigation and integrated Humminbird® sonar, but QUEST is something else entirely. It’s a rugged edition for anglers who want precision control to fish in punishing conditions, available for its best bow-mount trolling motors.

Since the launch, pro anglers have been sharing their reactions after test-driving Ultrex QUEST, the flagship motor in its bow-mount lineup. See why five top pros are applauding Minn Kota’s attention to detail with this adventure-grade version of Ultrex.

Kevin VanDam: ‘The Total Package’

Major League Fishing legend Kevin VanDam was one of the first anglers to get his hands on the Ultrex QUEST, and he spent the last few months pushing its limits on the Great Lakes. One of the first features KVD called out was the motor’s improved efficiency, with 30% greater runtime and real-time power readings displayed on Humminbird fish finders.

“The biggest thing that I noticed right out of the gate is the extra efficiency that this brushless motor has,” KVD said. “It’s got a battery management system. You can pull it up on your graphs and see exactly where you’re at. I’ve been fishing on the Great Lakes, Saginaw Bay, Lake St. Clair with it, in really rough conditions and running it hard, and it is night and day more efficient.”

FY23UltrexQUEST Native 02 Livesay

Livesay: ‘Powerful, Smooth, Rugged and Sturdy’

When Lee Livesay took his new Minn Kota for a spin, it didn’t take long for him to feel the difference. Ultrex QUEST features 50% greater torque to slice through obstacles like lily pads and weeds so anglers can chase fish anywhere on the lake. Watch as Livesay sets his motor to max speed and instantly feels the added power in the motor.

“I feel like I can put it on 10, go in and out, whether I’m using my (Humminbird) MEGA Live or going in and out of docks and pads,” Livesay said. “This thing’s powerful, smooth, rugged and sturdy all at the same time.”

FY23UltrexQUEST Native 03 Zaldain

Zaldain: ‘An Absolute Tank’

Chris Zaldain’s first time fishing with Ultrex was a thrilling one. In a first-look video on his social feed, the Bassmaster Elite Series™ angler hit the water moments after having it rigged onto his boat by Minn Kota’s team and instantly gushed about its power and presence.

“I’m really excited because it’s built like an absolute tank,” Zaldain said. “It’s so cool that when I’m moving left to right on 10, there’s absolutely no sway or shimmy in the actual mount itself. The boys told me this was a complete redesign from the bow up, and you can absolutely feel that.”

FY23UltrexQUEST Native 04 Combs

Combs: ‘Gets in Position Itself’

Keith Combs knows what makes a good motor with 32 top-10 finishes in B.A.S.S. tournaments. In his reaction video, the Texas native talked about his excitement for Ultrex QUEST and how the new design keeps anglers focused on fishing. While the power and quiet were among his favorite features, he also touched on the value of features like Minn Kota’s Lift-Assist and stow orientation.

“When you put it up, it gets in the position for itself, so you don’t have to do that,” Combs said. “You put it down, it goes forward. Pick it up, it goes into the stow position. They’ve taken a lot of the things that the fisherman had to do, taking those out of the equation. Now all we have to do is worry about catching fish.”

FY23UltrexQUEST Native 05 Jocumsen

Jocumsen: ‘Dead Silent’

Aussie angler Carl Jocumsen took to Instagram to share his initial thoughts on Ultrex QUEST, bringing his followers along as he showed the motor on his boat, both on and off the water. Once he deployed the motor, Jocumsen was stunned by how quiet the brushless motor was in operation.

“This motor is literally silent. I’m talking dead silent,” Jocumsen said. “The motor just does not make a sound when you’re turning. With the brushless technology, the first thing I noticed is that you can’t tell the motor is on. Zero sound. The only thing you can hear is the water coming off the boat.”

Ultrex QUEST is built for anglers who want to fish in the harshest conditions. And if the early returns are any indication, Minn Kota’s new brushless motor hits the mark.

“Super quiet, super tough, super durable, just spot on,” VanDam said. “It’s the strongest, baddest trolling motor on the planet.”

Check out Ultrex QUEST’s specs to see how the brushless motor is a different spin on Minn Kota’s top product.

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