SEVIIN GF Series Reels: Reliability By Design, Durability Proven By Testing

Take a peek inside SEVIIN's state-of-the-art testing laboratory

Park Falls, WI – SEVIIN Reels aspires to deliver anglers with the most reliable and dependable reels available. We operate on a “Trust but Verify” basis with all our suppliers and partners. That means, in addition to the required performance testing data provided by our partners, we perform our own in-depth, torturous testing on every production run of reels to assure we are providing anglers with the most durable and reliable performance – hallmarks of the SEVIIN brand.
To this end, the SEVIIN Team has designed and built its very own testing laboratory inside the St. Croix Factory in Park Falls, Wisconsin. Here, purpose-engineered, custom testing equipment of our own design continuously performs 12 distinct tests on our GF Series baitcasting reels.
Specific individual tests include 1) temperature, 2) humidity/salt spray, 3) chemical resistance, 4) ultraviolet exposure, 5) dunk, 6) trip lifecycle, 7) gear endurance, 8) drop, 9) line guide retention, 10) pinion engagement, 11) gear strength, and 12) drag performance.

SEVIIN GF Testing Spotlight – The Trip Lifecycle Test
The Trip Lifecycle Test consists of putting GF Series low-profile baitcasting reels through 200,000 cycles on a custom-engineered and precision-constructed instrument within our testing laboratory. A cycle consists of depressing and then releasing the thumb bar, then re-engaging the spool with a partial turn of the handle. Reels shall remain fully functional after Trip Lifecycle testing.
The Trip Lifecycle Test is just one of the rigorous testing protocols our GF reels must pass before making their way into anglers’ hands. Learn more at

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