SFC And Tagboard Partnership Brings Interactive, Fan-Fueled Storytelling To Sport Fishing

Dallas, Texas – Sport Fishing Championship (SFC) and Tagboard recently announced a multi-year strategic partnership to bolster fan engagement and bring a new level of interactivity to every broadcast. The partnership with Tagboard is a part of a broader plan by SFC as they continue to grow the SFC Family of Sport Fishing, enhancing the entertainment experience for fans through digital innovation.

Tagboard’s Emmy-nominated cloud production studio arms SFC’s producers with the ability to filter and feature content from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Reddit onto a live TV broadcast in less than five seconds. The thrill of the catch will now be celebrated beyond the boat and include reactions from viewers watching from around the world.

“Tagboard’s cloud platform provides us with a level of flexibility that we’ve never had before,” said Mark Neifeld, SFC Commissioner and CEO. “We can instantly tap into footage that the crews capture on their phones, along with reactions from viewers watching at home, and build interactive moments through QR codes that connect our audience to the live broadcasts like never before. This not only creates a more memorable experience for our fans, it also saves our team a tremendous amount of time, allowing us to focus on telling even better stories.”

In addition to real-time social media content, Tagboard’s production studio will empower SFC to create custom, interactive graphics, as well as allow for greater social media integration, bringing fans closer to action.

“We’re thrilled to partner with SFC as they continue to push the boundaries of creative storytelling and fan engagement,” said Nathan Peterson, Tagboard CEO. “By empowering producers to incorporate crowd-sourced content and interactive graphics into live broadcasts, we’re able to provide endless opportunities to improve the digital experience for both the fans and the production teams.”

Tagboard is the world’s leading audience experience platform, designed to help storytellers in news, sports, and entertainment increase engagement through content for over 500 of the world’s largest media brands, including FOX Sports, NBC Sports, NFL Network, Turner Sports, and many others. Sport Fishing Championship fans can watch exclusive coverage of all the action on CBS Sports Network and broadcasts are also available on YouTube. To learn more about the Sport Fishing Championship Season, visit sportfishingchampionship.com.

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