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Shark Attacks on the Rise

CHARLESTON, SC – On the heels of the recent tragic and fatal Great White Shark attack in Australia, shark-deterrent device manufacturer Sharkbanz offers insights into their product-line, its effectiveness, and general shark behavior with the hope more surfers, swimmers, anglers, and watersport enthusiasts consider the benefits of this beneficial technology whenever they enter the marine environment.

Sharkbanz Facts:

We launched our wearable product (Sharkbanz) in Australia in 2015, and its patented shark deterrent technology has been proven effective via WA’s DPIRD recent 15-month study as an effective shark deterrent. Thousands of Australians use our products daily as an effective means to reduce the risk of an unwanted shark encounter while they are swimming, surfing, diving, spearfishing, and recreational sportfishing.

That said, everyone knows there are no guarantees with the ocean. We want to make that known. We aren’t saying Sharkbanz will stop every shark no matter how aggressive it is. But our products are an effective shark deterrent strategy and can deter sharks in general, which may make a difference with a shark that is curious or stalking. There are some tragic circumstances where nothing can stop a shark from attacking, but we want to offer people a way of tilting the odds in their favor for situations where our technology can make a significant difference.

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Sharkbanz is a safety device. Just like any safety device, it’s meant to reduce risk. Think of it like a bike light. A bike light helps car drivers see you and avoid you on the road. It doesn’t eliminate the risk of being involved in an accident, but it does reduce the risk.

Sharkbanz has always been positioned as a tool for ocean safety. Our whole campaign for the last three years has been “swim safer, surf safer, explore safer, dive safer.” We want to empower people. To give them peace of mind but not a false sense of security. Our customers recognize the realities, as Bondi lifeguard Harries Carroll puts it:

“Sharkbanz gives me peace of mind and security. It makes my life in the ocean more at ease, and I enjoy my time out there more. I’m not worried about being a shark’s biscuit in Bondi.”

We’ve always been extremely transparent and detailed about the technology. We’ve never overpromised, but it’s helpful to note that our technology has been able to deter investigative Great White Sharks in the past – we have user testimonials from Australians and Americans detailing such unwanted encounters.

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There are inevitable moments when ocean safety and shark safety come up in discussion. What are we going to do about the shark problem? The government will have a response, but individuals can have a response as well by asking what can they do to increase safety and well-being in the water. Sharkbanz is one of those strategies.

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ABOUT Sharkbanz

Sharkbanz is the first wearable shark deterrent technology created by experienced ocean goers Nathan and David Garrison. Instead of waiting for the next attack to happen, they decided to do something about their underlying fear. After three years of testing, design, and development, the first version of Sharkbanz launched in 2015. Using patented magnetic technology with decades of research by marine biologists, Sharkbanz takes advantage of a shark’s unique and powerful electroreception to cause a highly unpleasant sensation that turns them away without harm. Their latest device, the Sharkbanz Zeppelin, uses the same groundbreaking technology to deter sharks from munching on angler’s catches being reeled to the surface. Sharkbanz pledges 3-percent of profits for ocean and shark conservation and aims to raise awareness on issues that impact the world’s oceans.

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