Sharkbanz Expands Retail Reach

CHARLESTON, SCSharkbanz, the world leader in shark-deterrent technology, is on a roll. Already recognized worldwide by swimmers, divers, surfers and beach goers for its wearable device, the Sharkbanz 2, the company’s latest release, the Sharkbanz Zeppelin, is catching the interest of coastal anglers around the globe for its unique ability to ward off sharks that would normally make a quick meal of hooked fish being reeled to the surface.

Backed by strong support from Rogers Sports Marketing (R.S.M.) and Frontier Marketing, LLC, two highly respected outdoors sales and marketing enterprises, as well as Traditions Media, an outdoors industry leader in communications and marketing strategy, Sharkbanz has been reaching out to fishing, boating and outdoors retail outlets to land accounts with impressive success.

“We’re really excited to see sales of our Zeppelin device taking off,” said Tim Nelson, Brand Manager at Sharkbanz. “With the help of our sales, marketing and communication partners, we’re making really good progress and all our efforts toward educating both the public and retail store management is starting to pay off. We’ve done a ton of work on social media and online to really get out ahead of this launch. We’ve introduced our product to highly respected captains including, among others, Key West charter skippers Billy Delph of Delph Fishing and Chris Mendola of Far Out Fishing, plus Pat Price of DayMaker Charters in Stuart, Florida. All have enjoyed great success and become huge supporters.”



Nelson continues: “We’ve performed a ton of grassroots outreach and posted amazing video of our Zeppelin product in action. All these efforts are creating a lot of buzz and potential customers are now asking their local tackle shops to carry our products. It’s really satisfying to see the momentum building and the Zeppelin getting its due within the fishing community. We’re feeling great heading into the ICAST show later this month, and we can’t wait to introduce even more anglers and shop owners to our products.”

The result of over a decade’s worth of research in the USA, Australia, and South Africa on the efficacy of permanent magnets as a shark deterrent, Sharkbanz technology has proven effective at deterring sharks in fishing applications, explains Nathan Garrison, who cofounded the company with his father, David, in 2014. “Based on our proven technology and testing success, we introduced the Sharkbanz Zeppelin. It’s designed specifically for anglers and uses an electromagnetic field to harmlessly ward off sharks – yet it doesn’t deter other fish from taking a bait or striking a lure. Weighing just 6.5 ounces, it’s compact, easy to use, and requires no batteries or charging. The Zeppelin can be used as a sinker, too, tied into the main leader, or added to the main line using a carbineer after hooking a fish to help reduce the age-old problem of shark depredation, otherwise known in fishing circles as ‘Paying the Taxman.’”


Both Rogers Sports Marketing and Frontier Marketing are pleased with the reception the Zeppelin has received in the fishing community. “We’ve got a big shark problem along the east coast of Florida when it comes to fishing and the Sharkbanz Zeppelin is a one-of-a-kind, revolutionary solution,” said C. Trent Rogers, managing partner of Rogers Sports Marketing. “Because sharks are federally protected, they are growing in numbers at an alarming rate. In some areas, populations are so thick that you can’t bottom fish because everything you hook gets eaten. With amazing efficiency, the Sharkbanz Zeppelin is changing that scenario. It makes it possible to crank a snapper, grouper or other bottom-feeder right through the hungry predators without a touch. Simply put, the Sharkbanz Zeppelin works, and word of its success is rapidly spreading throughout the angling community. That, more than anything else, is powering increased sales. If it’s not in your favorite tackle shop now, it should be soon.”

Denis Breaud, Sales and Business Development Coordinator at Frontier, points out that the Sharkbanz Zeppelin fills a serious need for boating anglers who fish over reefs and wrecks where sharks frequently take a bite out of the catch. “Encounters with sandbar, dusky and bull sharks have become more common in recent years,” he explained. “We see major potential for this product in those situations, especially along the lower Gulf Coast. We’ve also seen anglers using the Zeppelin while wade fishing and casting from kayaks. They’re adding a Zeppelin to their stringers or catch bags to keep sharks away. Some waders are also wearing an original Sharkbanz around the ankle since shallow water shark encounters are always a possibility in these waters. Sales of the Zeppelin are picking up steam and we are constantly adding new outlets to our retail distribution list. Of course, we had to overcome dealer skepticism at first; that’s generally the case with any groundbreaking product, but the entire Sharkbanz team has worked hard to educate them, and now the public that has been using our Zeppelin is walking into stores asking for more product and telling the owners and managers how great it works.”


That, pointed out Nelson, has been the game plan all along. With a product backed by proven, cutting-edge technology, plenty of testing, amazing video footage, awesome testimonials from some of the top charter captains in the world, and the solid reputations of the sales, marketing and communications teams at RSM, Frontier, and Traditions Media, the Sharkbanz team had no doubt that word of the Zeppelin’s shark-deterring abilities would quickly spread.

“We’re looking to make an even bigger splash at ICAST,” said Nelson. “With the terrific help of our partners, we have a lot of people asking about our product now and this is a chance to show that we have a real brand, real product, real results and real people standing behind our company. The Zeppelin is the first product of its kind, the one and only piece of shark-deterring fishing tackle on the market. As such, we’ve entered it in the New Product Showcase at ICAST. We are geared up and ready to go with fresh video, plus more ideas on how to use and sell this product. We’re really looking forward to meeting retail owners and shaking some hands. Stop in and see us at booth #3136. It’s going to be a fun and productive ride.”

The Sharkbanz Zeppelin MSRP’s at $69.99 and is available both online and in a growing number of fishing, boating and outdoors stores. To order online, locate retail outlets, or view videos, testimonials and studies supporting Sharkbanz theory and technology, visit

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