Shimano Coltsniper Splash Walk: Dominant Saltwater Performance

The rocky shorelines and cold offshore waters from the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast are home to the best striped bass fishing in the world. Along southern shores, snook, redfish and jacks prowl flats, marshes and bayous, feasting on bountiful inshore prey. Along the entire length of the Atlantic and Gulf coasts, these and other predators have one thing on their agendas: Eat, and then eat some more.

Shimano designed the Coltsniper Splash Walk  – a 7 ¼-inch (185 mm)-long topwater weighing 3 ⅜ ounces –  with a single goal in mind: drive large saltwater predators crazy, no matter where they swim. The lure features a cupped-head design, imparting a nearly stationary walk-the-dog action that keeps it in the strike zone longer and captivates any large game fish. The Coltsniper Splash Walk features an internal rattle system with a low-pitch knock, easily drawing the attention of saltwater eating machines. Engineered to be heavier in the tail section than the head, the Coltsniper Splash Walk sits with a vertical posture when at rest in the water. This innovative design feature increases hookup ratios and reduces the chances that a large fish might miss the bait, knocking the plug out of the water rather than connecting with it during an aggressive strike.


Capt. Jack Sprengel of East Coast Charters in New England explains, “Coltsniper Splash Walk is one of the most thoughtfully designed and thoroughly engineered topwater pencils on the market. I love its ability to switch between a wide glide and a tight walk, and that it sticks to the water like glue even under extremely windy conditions. The Splash Walk can cover water quickly to search an area, or walked almost in-place with tons of water-throwing action, allowing for more accurate strikes and secure hookups than most lures in its class.”

Award-winning New England writer and photographer Todd Corayer is a big fan of the lure. “When your Coltsniper Splash Walk dances just right back to the boat – with its perfect side-to-side action – striped bass, bluefish and redfish will crash the surface to attack it. Never – and I mean never – since we learned how to walk the dog or pull a popper on a three-count, have I seen a lure call out big fish while taunting them at the DNA level, absolutely forcing them to destroy the plug. Shimano’s Coltsniper Splash Walk should come with a ‘hold tight every second’ warning. It’s that good!”



Thoughtful Shimano engineering ensures that strikes are translated directly into landed fish. To that end, the Coltsniper Splash Walk is designed with through-wire construction, providing enhanced durability when battling oversized fish. Robust hardware, including 3X-strong treble hooks and split rings, help anglers tame the savage beasts that swim below. Capt. Ed Zyak of Jenson Beach, Florida, uses the Coltsniper Splash Walk to tempt inshore snook. “This plug is perfect right out of the package. It comes equipped with excellent hardware – that’s important because it saves time on the water, especially when the bite is on,” said Zyak.



Each Coltsniper Splash Walk also features Shimano’s exclusive SCALE BOOST finish to give the lure a lifelike appearance, fortifying its visual appeal to wary predators. SCALE BOOST uses a distinctive, holographic scale pattern to scatter ambient light throughout the water column – just like a nervous, fleeing baitfish. “I love the Coltsniper Splash Walk’s knock,” continues Zyak. “It sends out that low-pitch and draws snook in for a closer look, and then the SCALE BOOST finish gets them to strike. SCALE BOOST is like nothing you’ve ever seen, and is both eye-catching and durable. The color patterns are right on. I like everything about it.”

“Several lures have earned ‘classic’ status in our tackle bags; Shimano’s Coltsniper Splash Walk will quickly rise to that honor.”

The Coltsniper Splash Walk is available in six color patterns to cover a wide range of ambient light and water conditions, including Black Back, Bunker, Blue Sardine, Bone White, Green Mackerel and Squid. Look for the Coltsniper Splash Walk at your favorite retailer with an MSRP of $18.99.

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