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Shimano Introduces Reel Addition To Flagship-Level Ocea Jigger Line

Designed for deep water enthusiasts chasing powerful fish

Charleston, SC – Shimano North America Fishing, a renowned global leader in the fishing industry, is proud to announce the debut of the all-new Ocea Jigger 2500 LD. This latest addition to the iconic Ocea Jigger lineup of reels will be unveiled at the Japan Fishing Fest trade show in Yokohama, Japan. 

“The Ocea Jigger LD represents a new pinnacle in jigging reel technology,” says Blaine Anderson, Saltwater Product Marketing Manager for Shimano. “This reel is truly designed for avid anglers seeking expanded endeavors in deep water for powerful fish.”

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The Ocea Jigger 2500LD is packed with Shimano’s proprietary reel technology providing a best-in-class experience for anglers seeking an exceptional slow-pitch jigging reel option. Shimano’s Infinity Drive technology incorporates a new drag design that increases drag force while decreasing side load pressure to produce up to 30% lighter rotations during tough battles. The lever drag offers easy and consistent drag adjustments — an essential factor with a reel capable of producing 44 pounds of drag. The Ocea Jigger LD is available in both high-gear and medium-gear models. The  HG model enables anglers to present jigs with finesse in deep-water situations while providing quick retrieval from the depths with a retrieval rate of 46 inches per turn. The MG model is best suited for anglers fishing up to 150 feet or in situations where drag strength and winding power are critical. This reel features a rigid HAGANE Body, eliminating body flex during extreme fights and ensuring efficient transfer of winding power.

For comfort during long days at the rail, this reel is designed with an S-Compact Body for increased in-hand comfort with a cutout for improved thumbing and line control. Additionally, the reel also includes a secondary light-line cam that creates a drag curve similar to a 30-pound class reel for added control and versatility. 

For more information about the Ocea Jigger 2500 LD and Shimano’s complete range of innovative fishing tackle, visit To find a retailer near you, visit Shimano’s dealer locator. For more information on Shimano and the latest product releases, please contact Kade Gewanter at

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