Shimano Unveils the World Pop and World Crank

Shimano’s revolutionary World Family of premium freshwater lures leverages industry-leading technologies to help anglers catch more and bigger bass. The World Family diversifies in 2022 with two exceptional new lures: the World Pop and World Crank. Fortified with the same BOOST CONCEPT that permeates the World Minnow 115SP and World Diver 99SP, the World Pop 69F FB and World Crank 73F FB help anglers probe a much larger portion of the water column in their never-ending quest to trigger trophy-caliber bass.

shimano world pop

World Pop 69F FB

Shimano’s legendary BOOST CONCEPT technology prevails with the introduction of World Pop 69F FLASH BOOST: A multi-purpose popper unlike anything else on the market. Designed with a cupped face to create a commotion on the surface and draw aggressive strikes, the World Pop FB is the first topwater lure to incorporate Shimano’s FLASH BOOST technology. This innovative and proprietary technology suspends a highly reflective foil on micro springs within the lure body to create a continuous flash that mimics a wounded baitfish, even as the lure sits motionless on the surface. “FLASH BOOST is extremely effective at calling fish in under a wide range of water conditions,” notes Shimano Pro and first-year Bassmaster Elite Series angler Josh Douglas. “In cold, super-clear water where bass can see a long way, even a motionless lure continues to shimmer and sparkle thanks to FLASH BOOST.” Shimano’s exclusive SCALE BOOST technology utilizes a lifelike composite-pitch hologram to provide World Pop with a natural scale pattern, helping to seal the deal when wary bass are nearby. Whether presented with a methodical walk-the-dog cadence or with large pops and deep chugs, the World Pop 69F FB embodies BOOST CONCEPT technology and elicits aggressive strikes from trophy bass. Available in ten colors – Blue SV, Clown, Chart SV, Ghost Ayu, Hot Tiger, Black Gold, Gill, N Smelt, Pink Candy and T Smelt – each World Pop 69F FB has an MSRP of $19.99.

World Crank 73F FB

With the introduction of the World Crank 73F FLASH BOOST – a mid-depth crankbait designed with a distinct action to elicit bites from trophy fish – Shimano’s BOOST CONCEPT reigns supreme in the depths. Featuring Shimano’s proprietary FLASH BOOST technology — a foil suspended on micro springs within the body of the lure — the World Crank emits a continuous flash that mimics a wounded baitfish, even when paused. The lure’s large front lip creates an aggressive swimming action that reaches depths of 10 to 12 feet with a constant retrieve. Indeed, FLASH BOOST technology proves deadly when attacking deep strike zones, where light is scarce and flash is imperative to call fish from long distances. When paused, the lure slowly rises with a wobble that activates FLASH BOOST to mimic the quivering action of a wounded baitfish. The WC-73F FB leverages Shimano’s JET BOOST technology to increase casting distance, enabling anglers to work the water column more efficiently. “JET BOOST is one of the most important components of Shimano’s BOOST CONCEPT,” asserts veteran Bassmaster Elite Series angler and Shimano Pro David Mullins. “Thanks to JET BOOST, I can cast baits farther and more accurately too.” SCALE BOOST technology utilizes composite-pitch holograms to provide the WC-73F FB with lifelike scale patterns to fool even the wariest trophy bass. Available in ten colors – Bass, Clown, Ghost Ayu, Black Chart SV, Black Gold, Gill, N Smelt, Tiger, Table Rock and T Smelt – each World Crank 73F FB has an MSRP of $19.99.

shimano world crank

The quest for the next trophy never ends. Thanks to World Pop and World Crank – Shimano’s newest additions to the innovative World Family – anglers have exceptional new ways to leverage industry-leading technologies to trigger strikes from world-class bass. Look for the World Pop 69F FB and World Crank 73F FB at authorized Shimano dealers this spring.

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