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Shimano’s Unbeatable Combination for Saltwater Success

Responsible for trophy catches and personal bests across demanding saltwater environments, the Spheros family resonates with anglers more powerfully than ever. Paired with high-quality graphite rods, the all-new Spheros SW Combo delivers a remarkable balance of performance and durability to a broad range of anglers and fishing styles.

The Spheros SW Combo is a dependable saltwater stalwart, now available in four well-balanced models suitable for a host of different species. Durable blanks with tapered EVA handles and comfortable reel seats pair with powerful Spheros SW spinning reels, offering versatility for both live bait and artificial enthusiasts. FUJI Aluminum Oxide guides allow anglers to spool with monofilament or PowerPro braided line, while a rubber gimbal butt increases comfort when locked into extended battles and provides added security.

shimano Spheros SW Combo

Every Spheros SW combo features a Spheros SW A reel, first introduced in 2021. Fortified with Shimano’s exclusive cold-forged HAGANE Gear, Spheros SW A provides long-lasting smoothness, durability and the unwavering confidence that saltwater anglers demand. Drawing many of its design attributes from Shimano’s flagship spinning reels, Spheros SW A integrates HAGANE Body technology to enhance rigidity and eliminate flexing, transforming angler inputs into more direct and effortless cranking power. Further improving winding torque under load, Infinity Drive and X-Ship technologies optimize the overall drive gear design for exceptionally smooth handle rotation and efficient power transmission. Whether live lining baitfish for the likes of striped bass, snook and tarpon or casting plugs and poppers to jack crevalle, cobia and blackfin tuna, the Spheros SW A reel delivers strength and efficiency with every turn of the handle.

Immune to harsh saltwater environments, Spheros SW A spinning reels feature X-Protect and X-Shield technologies. X-Shield consists of sealing structures and gaskets at 12 critical locations to keep water and fine contaminants from disrupting the internal components of the reel. X-Protect further enhances the reel’s ability to withstand unforgiving habitats through a water repellent coating and channeling architecture that prevents water from seeping into the drive gear shaft and spool shaft bearing. Shimano also leverages sealed S A-RB bearings to eliminate the possibility of salt or sand inhibiting the bearing’s rotation.

The Spheros SW 5000-series combo (PSPSW5000XGASPS70MH) offers exceptional value, pairing a robust Spheros SW A reel with a 6:2:1 gear ratio and capacity for 245 yards of 20-pound PowerPro with a 7-foot, Medium Heavy power, Fast action rod. The 6000-series combo (PSPSW6000HGASPS70MH) unites a larger capacity, lower gear ratio reel with the same versatile rod. Two different combos pair a powerful 8000-series Spheros SW A reel with either a one-piece, 7-foot, Heavy power, Fast action rod (PSPSW8000HGASPS70H) or a two-piece, 9-foot, Heavy power, Fast action rod (PSPSW8000HGASPS90H2).

shimano Spheros SW Combo icast

Fortified with premium Shimano technologies, Spheros SW Combos offer versatility and performance to saltwater anglers by pairing high-quality Spheros SW reels with dependable graphite rods. Look for the Spheros SW Combo (MSRP $199.99 to $209.99) in the ICAST New Product Showcase in the Rod & Reel Combo category, and learn more about Shimano’s innovative new products by visiting Booth 2244 at ICAST 2022.

Spheros SW Combo Features

  • HAGANE Gear
  • HAGANE Body
  • X-Ship
  • Infinity Drive
  • CoreProtect
  • S A-RB Bearings
  • Cross Carbon Drag
  • X-Protect
  • X-Shield

About Shimano

Leading the fishing industry in innovation and quality for over 100 years, Shimano’s manufacturing capabilities allow for anglers worldwide to enjoy their time on the water to the fullest. We designed the entire lineup of Shimano products to elevate angler experiences with features that continuously evolve to push the boundaries of modern fishing tackle while raising the bar for the whole fishing industry.

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