Siren Marine Forms Strategic Alliance with Yamaha Motor Corporation

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Siren Marine Forms Strategic Alliance with Yamaha Motor Corporation

Newport, RI  — Siren Marine and Yamaha Motor Corporation have formed a strategic alliance, accelerating industry-wide adoption of Siren Marine’s Connected Boat® technology. This alliance marks a watershed moment for the boating industry by elevating the importance of connecting manufacturers with customers.


“Our late founder, Daniel Harper, pioneered the marine IoT space back in 2011, given his dedication to providing boaters with the same level of connectivity they enjoy with their homes and automobiles,” said Siren Marine CEO, Jeffrey Poole. “This alliance with Yamaha continues to move the mission forward and honors his legacy.”


The Connected Boat®, a term trademarked back in 2018 by Siren Marine, has garnered the attention of the industry as the company works closely with a growing number of boat builders, transmission manufacturers, engine manufacturers and NMEA device providers. Siren Marine connects its technology to the functionality of marine industry stakeholders providing their customers a better boating experience.


“This latest alliance will change how boaters interact with Yamaha products, fundamentally enhancing the way boaters interact with their boats. Yamaha will be armed with new data-driven insights that can be leveraged for product innovation, improved customer experience and new service opportunities,” said Poole. “Given Yamaha’s global reputation, this is a significant moment for Siren Marine and what we call the Connected Boat® Revolution.”


Per the company’s official statement, Yamaha is integrating its technology with Siren Marine’s to reinforce CommandBlue™, a philosophy that represents Yamaha’s commitment to move engineering and development into the realm of the customer, ultimately delivering products that are easier to use and creating greater satisfaction and confidence on the water.




According to Ben Speciale, President of Yamaha U.S. Marine Business Unit, “Siren Marine devices, software and two-way communications will link to current and future integrated control systems

developed by the engineers in our U.S.-based Yamaha Boat Power System division (BPS). The end result will be boats with integrated Yamaha systems that can be monitored and managed by a hand-held device. Ultimately, the alliance will lead to an even higher level of service, lower costs, greater convenience and peace of mind for Yamaha boaters.”


As part of this strategic alliance, Yamaha has acquired a stake in Siren Marine; the terms of the agreement are not disclosed.


This adds to Siren Marine’s growing network of industry partners as the company is collaborating with key marine stakeholders to integrate its “Smart Boat” technology into numerous applications. Examples of this include the creation of the ZF Connected Experience for global marine transmission leader, ZF – first announced during the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show in 2019. Siren Marine worked with ZF engineers to develop custom functionalities in the Siren Marine App that connect ZF owners with their transmissions, providing 24/7 updates on performance and maintenance needs, and helping to prevent small problems from becoming large ones.


Siren Marine’s alliance with digital switching leader, CZone, is another example of how it is changing the marine industry. By taking advanced digital switching off of the boat and putting it into the hands of boaters on their mobile devices, the two companies have unlocked the true power of this technology. Boaters can now easily perform a variety of functions before heading down to the boat – from turning on cockpit lights, to cooling off the cabin and firing up the generator. This saves time and enhances the overall boating experience.


Siren Marine’s technology is factory standard or optional equipment on a range of premium boat brands including Hinckley, Mag Bay, Cobalt, Princess, Riviera, Southport and many others. “We look forward to working with Yamaha’s exclusive boat builders, who produce some of the highest quality boats in the business,” said Poole. “This new alliance with Yamaha will further Siren Marine’s mission to eventually make every boat a Connected Boat®.


For more information on Siren Marine’s strategic alliance with Yamaha Motor Corporation, Siren Marine technology or the continuing growth of the Connected Boat® Revolution, visit or call 401.619.4774.

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