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Oceanside, CA – When you’ve built your reputation on producing the finest polarized sunglass lenses in the business you certainly want to show them off in the best light. That’s exactly why Hobie® Eyewear also happens to sport some of the most comfortable, stylish and durable frames in the outdoors market. Hobie® Eyewear offers a wide variety of frame models and color patterns. Each model is designed to meet specific needs using carefully considered materials for extra comfort, style, floatability, lightweight construction and durability. That means your premium Hobie® Eyewear is sure to sport a comfortable fit, look great, and perform exceptionally well no matter the setting. From beach clubs to bar pools, fishing, water sports, casual strolls and even formal events, you can count on Hobie® Eyewear to offer unique, versatile and great-looking frames worthy of their world famous premium polarized performance lenses.

“Hobie® Eyewear frames are available in 6 and 8-base formats,” notes Stephen Vaughan, the company’s Senior Director, Product Development. “Six-base frames such as our Cove, Wrights, Coastal and Broad provide a classic look while 8-base frames including Cabo, Mojo Float and Bluefin Float feature a wrap-around style that limits light leaking in around the frame edges. The latter are especially appreciated by anglers and watersport enthusiasts for their ability to look good while providing a deep, penetrating view below the surface. The former provide a more classic look that’s never out of style.

Striking a balance between fashion and purpose with a wide selection of lenses and frames that truly complement each other, Hobie® Eyewear is unequaled for its fit, feel, performance and style. Their versatile collection allows you to find your perfect match. Whether peering deep into the water or looking good above, there are Hobie® Eyewear selections that can complete your look, provide premium polarization and offer a competitive edge – all at reasonable prices.”

“We understand it’s a very personal choice between form and function when it comes to shopping for sunglasses,” says Dylan Coates, Marketing Manager for Hobie® Eyewear. “That’s why we offer selections designed to make you look great while incorporating features to compliment your lifestyle and favorite outdoors activities. Wearing Hobie®Sunglasses allows you to experience the world as it was meant to be seen while providing the look you desire.”

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