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Spawning Time for Indiana Sauger, Walleye

Anglers can find plenty of opportunities to catch sauger and walleye during late winter and early spring migrations along the upper stretches of the Tippecanoe River. Shoreline anglers can target walleye in Elkhart Dam’s tailwaters on the St. Joseph River and the area below the Oakdale Dam on the Tippecanoe River. Walleye numbers will continue to build until spawning in late March and early April. Leadhead jigs with white or chartreuse soft plastics are popular baits; be sure to bring plenty, as the rocky bottom will claim its share. Anglers also enjoy fishing the Brookville tailwater just below the spillway for walleye in the early spring using ½ ounce silver or nickel blade baits. Walleye fishing on Brookville Lake will start to warm up when April approaches. Find other great walleye fishing locations online.

Indiana’s portion of the Ohio River provides abundant angling opportunities, especially for sauger. During early spring in March and April, adult sauger run upstream to spawn, congregating below locks and dams. This congregating allows anglers to focus their efforts below these structures. Vertical jigging and slow retrieval of crankbaits, soft plastics, and live bait are sure-fire ways to have a good day on the water. Remember, new sauger and walleye regulations were implemented in January 2020.

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