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Speak Up for Striped Bass

The time is now to speak up for striped bass. The American Saltwater Guides Association (ASGA) prepared a comprehensive blog, an infographic, and four podcasts to ensure that we are covering all the bases. The link below will provide you with the public hearing schedule and all the assets listed above.

We have from now until April 15 to make a difference.

The document is very complicated. There are 18 different options and sub-options that need your comments. There is no easy way to get through this. We wish there was.

This is a small price to pay for a fish that has given us all so much enjoyment. Please, take some time, learn the issues, and send in your comments. Just like last time, we are running a raffle for anyone who submits their comments to ASMFC by April 15. Just copy and you will be entered in our giveaway. You don’t have to agree with our positions, you just have to participate in the process.

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