Spearpoint Goes Bigger, Stronger, Better With The Diesel Jig Hook Series

Visalia, Calif. – Spearpoint Performance Hooks, known for their proven VGrip® Technology, is entering the heavyweight category with the new Diesel Jig Hook Series. This series of hooks is not just thicker and stronger than the competition. It’s built for the toughest conditions any angler will face.

Just as a semi-trailer truck with a big diesel engine is what’s necessary to get America’s goods across our expansive country, the Spearpoint Diesel Jig Hook is what’s needed to wrest big bass out of the gnarliest cover. There’s a reason anglers use heavy rods, powerful reels, and stout braids for the thick stuff. They need power. But too often they’re let down with a jig hook that’s not up to the challenge.

“We call it the Diesel,” said Spearpoint president and co-founder Erik Hennesay, “because it really is bigger, stronger, and better than the competition. Other hooks may be thick and tough, but they can’t claim our VGrip® Technology that hooks and holds or our PWR-TEF coating. They’re keys to what make the Diesel special.”

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The first offering in the Diesel Jig Hook Series offers a 30-degree bend. 60- and 90-degree models are in the works, but the more acute 30-degree angle really showcases the Diesel’s brute strength.

“The straighter pull offered by the 30-degree Diesel Jig Hook guarantees the strongest possible hook sets under the toughest conditions,” said Spearpoint vice president and co-founder Art Nubaryan. “Jig manufacturers that are serious about offering the biggest, strongest, and best jig hook, are going to demand the Diesel.”

The Diesel Jig Hook is offered in three sizes — 3/0, 4/0, and 5/0. All feature PWR-TEF coating, so they’re super slick to facilitate sure hook sets.

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About Spearpoint Performance Hooks

Spearpoint Performance Hooks is dedicated to ending the heartbreak of lost fish and finding solutions for the nagging problems that prevent perfect fishing days on the water. The company was spawned in 2017 when a couple of fishing buddies — Erik Hennesay and Art Nubaryan — decided to build a fishing hook that prevents fish from coming off. The result is Spearpoint Performance Hooks and patent pending VGrip® technology.

Spearpoint hooks come in styles and sizes to fit any soft plastic lures available today, and there is no more secure connection between line and fish that a Spearpoint hook. Other Spearpoint products solve specific problems that stand between an angler and a perfect day on the water. Spearpoint has the answers and solutions even before they become problems. In short, Spearpoint makes fishing better.

If you’re fishing with Spearpoint, just set the hook and get the net. That fish is caught!

Information about Spearpoint Performance Hooks can be found on their website at http://www.spearpointhooks.com, on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/spearpoint_hooks/, and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Spearpointhooks/.

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