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Spearpoint Performance Hooks adds to Hook Lineup at ICAST 2022

Visalia, Calif. – Spearpoint Performance Hooks, a Visalia, Calif. based manufacturer, has been building a reputation for producing quality hooks that reduce the chance of lost fish with their revolutionary VGrip® Technology at its core.  For ICAST 2022, Spearpoint will introduce their newest hook offering.

Some of the most effective lures at times of the year are spinnerbaits, buzzbaits and bladed jigs, however, fish are known to short strike just behind these lures, missing the hook. Spearpoint’s new Triple Threat Trailer Hook with Action, Attraction and Reaction not only minimizes missed opportunities, but will help draw strikes as well..

The Triple Threat Trailer Hooks is a new series of dressed trailer hooks built on Spearpoint’s VGrip® Technology that will not only help snare those short strikers but will also add flash, flare and movement to the lure.

The Triple Threat Trailer Hooks will be available in three sizes, 1/0, 2/0 and 3/0 and come in white, chartreuse and black, these tied versions will feature colored feathers, but will also have hologram crystal flash material included to give each a lifelike appearance in the water.  The hook eye will be covered in a keeper that will keep the stringer securely fastened to the lure.

Spearpoint Performance Hooks President and co-founder Erik Hennesay is excited about the new addition to the lineup.  “The Triple Threat Trailer Hooks add a new function to the Spearpoint lineup that helps us solve problems for anglers everywhere,” he said.  “Any product offering needs to be fully functional, and these are some of the most effective trailer hooks available today, and with the dressed versions, they will help add attraction at the same time.”

Each pack will come with three Triple Threat Trailer Hooks made of High Carbon Steel built with VGrip® Technology and will retail for $5.99. Also available will be an undressed Trailer Hook for use on lures as a stringer hook, these will come four to a pack for $5.99.

About Spearpoint Performance Hooks

Founded by two fishing partners tired of losing fish, Spearpoint Performance hooks exists to build the ultimate fishing hooks.  Designed to perform with the most popular lures available today.  Built around the pat. pend VGrip® Technology, Spearpoint Performance Hooks will perfectly present lures and provide the most secure connection between hook and fish to bring more fish in the boat.  Information about Spearpoint Performance Hooks can be found on their website at, on Instagram at, and on Facebook at

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