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Special Meeting to be Held in June for Striped Bass Regulations

At the NJ Marine Fisheries Council (MFC) meeting on May 11, 2023, the MFC discussed the emergency action taken by the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission which requires states to implement a 1 fish @ 28” to less than 31” size limit for striped bass, no later than July 2, to support stock rebuilding.

The NJ MFC postponed final action and requested a meeting with the Striped Bass Committee and advisors to get additional input and public comment. The MFC will make a final decision during a special MFC meeting to be held in June. NJ Fish & Wildlife will post information about the June meeting once details are available.

The current striped bass regulations remain:

  • 1 fish @ 28” to less than 38”

The Striped Bass Bonus Program (SBBP) will not be affected by these changes. The SBBP will remain:

  • 1 fish @ 24” to less than 28” for anglers with a permit

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