SPRO® Adds Finesse Braid 8x And Fluorocarbon Finesse Leaders

Kennesaw, GA – When the fishing situation calls for the use of a lighter braid connected to a stealthy leader, the crew at SPRO® has that part of the system covered with its new Finesse Braid 8x and Finesse Fluorocarbon Leaders. Ideal for any fishing application where extreme stealth is required, these two new leader systems are sure to give anglers the edge needed for success.
The new Finesse Braid 8x is made from premium material in Japan to exact SPRO specifications and is designed specifically for fishing lighter lures in various conditions. Anglers will appreciate the soft, limp feel and superior sensitivity. The Finesse Braid 8x is available in 150-meter spools (164 yards), and in pound test sizes – 6, 8, 10,12,14, and 16 lbs.
“Spro is initially introducing the braid in two colors – lime green that’s visible to the angler, and a stealthy pink color ideal for clear water lakes and reservoirs. Now anglers can have a tackle system ready for use no matter the conditions they face,” said SPRO’s Syd Rives. “In addition, the braid offers superior knot strength and is extremely abrasion resistant.”
When finesse techniques in clear water are in order, SPRO’s new Finesse Leaders give anglers the edge for success. Virtually invisible in the water, the Finesse Leaders feature a small diameter needed to work lighter baits. The leaders are constructed with premium Japan-made fluorocarbon. SPRO Finesse fluorocarbon leader material is available in 50-meter spools (54+ yards) and pound test sizes – 6, 8,10, 12, 14, and 16 lbs.
“The extremely small diameter of the fluorocarbon provides a nice limpness, so it’s conducive for finesse techniques,” SPRO’s Rives said, “plus the stealthy green color provides an extra advantage by being nearly invisible when fished.”
The SPRO Finesse Braid 8x and Finesse fluorocarbon leaders will be available from leading fishing tackle retailers in late summer 2021.
Finesse Braid 8X Features: 46952bec 08d5 42a4 8e57 c6e50fbdd78a
  • Pound Test: 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16
  • Spool Size: 150 meters (164 yards)
  • Colors: Lime Green for visibility; Pink for stealth
  • MSRP: all sizes – $31.99
Finesse Fluorocarbon Leader Features:a89a8929 45fd 41c3 9dde f86b6e81662f
  • Pound Test: 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16
  • Spool Size: 50 meters (54+ yards)
  • Colors Offered: low vis Stealth Green
  • MSRP: all sizes – $10.99

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