SPRO’s New Bronzeye Pop 40: Snack-Sized Meal for Giant Bass

Kennesaw, GA:    SPRO’s Bronzeye Pop lineup has proven so incredibly effective for big bass anglers. Earlier this year, SPRO® introduced the larger Pop 70 for bass with a bigger appetite. New for 2021, SPRO introduces a diminutive size 40 model so anglers can continue to throw frogs to pressured fish.
While the Bronzeye Pop 40 is more compact than its brethren, it still has the same big-fish attracting qualities. The new Pop 40 features a Gamakatsu Nano Smooth Coated Superline Double Frog Hook, which gives a weedless presentation, increases hookup percentage, and doesn’t risk bending out.
The beauty of the Bronzeye Pop 40 is that it can be fished with a variety of techniques. It can be subtly twitched, stop and go retrieve, or can be popped aggressively. When worked properly, it will make just as much noise as any frog on the market. That means it will call fish from a distance or surprise them into striking reflexively. The only limitation is the angler’s imagination. The aerodynamic profile allows the lure to be fished on heavy tackle needed to winch giants out of thick greenery. This also allows the lure to be skipped easily under overhanging cover.
This new smallest version of the Bronzeye Pop lineup will initially be offered in 13 of SPRO’s proven frogging colors, so that anglers can imitate any forage. When fish are still looking up but don’t want a full-sized entrée, this should be the go-to topwater solution.
SPRO Bronzeye Pop 40 Features
  • Weight: ⅕ oz.
  • Size: 40mm
  • Hook: Gamakatsu Nano-Coated Superline Double Frog Hook
  • Depth: Topwater
  • MSRP: $10.99
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