SPRO’s New Pin Tail Soft Plastics Trigger Bites From Finicky Bass

Kennesaw, Georgia (July 21, 2021) When reluctant bass call for the ultimate in finesse approaches, SPRO’s new Pin Tail soft plastic baits deliver in a big way. The two new finesse baits provide big action in a small package, with a wiggle that no bass can resist. Even though the tantalizing action is more than enough to get the job done, SPRO® infused both of the new designs with Amino Bite Scent to trigger the most reluctant bass to strike.
The two new baits, the Pin Tail Stick and the Pin Tail Minnow, are made using high-quality Japanese plastic that provides lots of action while remaining durable enough to catch multiple fish. These baits are infused with Amino Bite Scent that creates a scent trail that leads fish to it, and the custom amino acid blend entices them to bite. In addition, each bait is infused with salt, which makes them even more enticing to bass.
The single tail on the Pin Tail Stick moves even when the bait is standing still, providing enticing, fluttering action no matter how you fish it. While there’s no wrong way to fish the Pin Tail Stick, it’s perfect for Neko, Texas, or Wacky rigging. The Pin Tail Stick is available in both 3.75” and 5” versions, so you can downsize when the bite gets really tough. A wide variety of colors, including Clear Gill, Cinnamon Mint, Spring Craw and Real Mimizu, let you match the hatch when you need to or stand out from the crowd.
The Pin Tail Minnow provides double the action, with a pair of tails that offers more fluttering action. The key is the hole in the tail section, which creates an even more tantalizing wiggle. The unique action is deadly on a drop-shot rig or swam on a jig head. Colors such as Ayu, Clear Chartreuse, Ozark Craw and Phantom Green are ideal for a broad range of water clarity and conditions. The Pin Tail Minnow is offered in both 2.75” and 3.75” lengths, perfectly sized to convince the wariest bass to bite.
Available in an array of fish-catching colors and infused with Amino Bite Scent, the Pin Tail series of soft plastic baits provide the action finesse anglers need to get bites on the toughest days. The new baits deliver a wiggle that no bass can resist, with one tail or two.
Pin Tail Stick Features:
  • 3.75” and 5” sizes
  • High-quality Japanese plastic
  • Infused with Amino Bite Scent
  • Fluttering Pin Tail action
  • Heavy salt for easy casting and fast sink rate
  • Perfect for Neko, Texas or Whacky rigging
  • Sold 5 per pack in 3.75”
  • Sold 4 per pack in 5”
  • Available in Black and Blue, Clear Gill, Cinnamon Mint, Cell Mate, Green Pumpkin, Nasty Shad, Ozark Craw, Phantom Green, Red Bug, Real Mimizu, Spring Craw, Watermelon Red and Watermelon Seed
  • $6.99 per pack
Pin Tail Minnow Features:
  • 2.75” and 3.75” sizes
  • High-quality Japanese plastic
  • Infused with Amino Bite Scent
  • Double Pin Tail for even more fluttering action
  • Hole in tail section creates even more tantalizing wiggle
  • Perfect for drop-shot rigs or on a jig head
  • Heavy salt for easy casting and fast sink rate
  • Sold 8 per pack in 2.75”
  • Sold 7 per pack in 3.75”
  • Available in Ayu, Clear Chartreuse, Clear Gill, Cinnamon Mint, Cell Mate, Green Pumpkin, Morning Dawn, Natural Herring, Nasty Shad, Ozark Craw, Phantom Green, Real Mimizu, Real Perch and Spring Craw
  • $6.99 per pack

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