SRD20: Washing Your Watercraft Matters

Any soap can wash your boat, but using the right procedure helps some do it better than others.

Lafayette, LA – “What should I use to wash my boat?” is a question that comes up at dockside now and again. It sounds simple enough; after all any soap is likely to clean your hull. Do a little research, however, and you’ll find that some soaps simply clean better than others.

“There are reasons for that,” says Stewart Delcambre, founder of SRD20 boat washes and protectants, a new line of boat care products that’s rippling through the boating community and turning heads with its ability to out-perform the competition over the long haul. “The starting question for washing boats really should be “What’s the best way to get the job done?”


Indeed, there actually is a science to the task and, done properly using a smart procedure and a cutting-edge formula like SRD20’s Pink Boat Soap, it needn’t be hard work.”

Delcambre suggests choosing a gentle PH-Neutral soap designed specifically for boats and watercraft. These soaps are formulated to clean without damaging the finish. In addition, they can contain waxes or other protective coatings that can help keep the boat looking new long after the job is done. Start by rinsing your watercraft thoroughly to help remove the loose pieces of debris and grime before trying to tackle the more ingrained dirt on the boat’s surface.

Next, apply a premium product boat wash like SRD20 Pink Soap by hand using a bucket and brush or, better yet, with a foam cannon propelled by a hose or power washer. The latter options work up an especially rich blanket of foamy soap that gets deep into pockets, crevices and creases that are hard to fully penetrate with hand-washing alone while maintaining its rich thickness a little longer to extend soak time so the soap can really get under the dirt and lift it out.

“It’s important to allow that soapy foam to dwell on your hull and cleaning surfaces for a few minutes, before washing it off from the top down,” advises Delcambre. “Given a few minutes’ time, superior boat soaps will provide plenty of salt spray-, fish blood- and dirt-removing properties with long lasting sudsing action. Once the soap has had several minutes to get to work, wash your watercraft from the top down with a wet wash mitt, mop, or soft brush to agitate and break up more stubborn grime. Dunk into your wash bucket frequently, ensuring to get any contaminants off the mitt, mop, or soft brush.”

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SRD20: Washing Your Watercraft Matters 1

It’s also important to immediately rinse your vessel thoroughly with water to remove any remaining loose dirt, grime, and filth, and to wipe everything dry with a clean, soft microfiber towel. Boat soap is best used on a cool surface out of direct sunlight. If that’s not an option, work on smaller areas and rinse often. To avoid streaking and water spots, don’t let wash dry on the surface.

As for what makes for a superior boat soap, a low- or neutral PH balance is vital to prevent stripping away any wax or protective coating as you wash your way clean. Choosing a formula that tackles multiple surfaces including plastic, fiberglass, gel coat, metal, aluminum, glass, paint, vinyl or even teak is an added time-saver, and using an advanced formula soap that incorporates nano-technology to break down dirt and grime similar to the leading soaps used in the auto-industry today ensures maximum cleaning power.

“You’ll also want to choose a soap that’s “eco-friendly,” adds Delcambre. “SRD20 Pink Boat Soap checks all the required boxes. It cleans away dirt, oil, grease, bugs, spider droppings, fish slime and more. It’s easy to apply, cost effective, pH balanced, gentle on the environment, and it doesn’t etch, strip, or remove previously applied wax or surface protection. Containing no wax itself, it can be used to clean surfaces that have been covered with just about any manufacturer’s boat wax or protective product.”

There’s no doubt that SRD20’s Pink Soap for Boats will get the job done if you use the procedure described above, leaving behind a clean, long-lasting shine that assures less boat cleaning in the future. Follow-up with an application SRD20 Graphene Ceramic Spray Coating and Protectant, SRD20 Waterless Wash & Wax, and/or SRD20 Vinyl Protectant and you’ll be even more impressed.

All SRD20 products are made in the USA and are available at and select retail locations. Some formulas are also available on


Our decision to create products to clean and protect the surfaces of boats started years ago, tinkering with our boats, testing endless formulas. After years of discussions with boat owners about cleaning and protecting their boats, it was apparent that most were unhappy. It’s either too much work or the products just don’t perform. SRD20 products work, are easy to apply, and incorporate the newest technologies. Plus, all our products are made in the U.S.A.

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