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St. Croix Fly returns to premium performance with all-new EVOS and EVOS SALT fly rods, unveiled this week at the AFFTA Confluence

Parks Falls, WI – Every angler deserves an elevated fishing experience. It’s an evolving idea that’s guided St. Croix Rod throughout its 75-year history, and one that’s been consistently executed through use of the best available materials and technologies, superior design capabilities, pride in craftsmanship, and unmatched vertical manufacturing capabilities for uncompromising control in every aspect of production.

Advanced anglers looking for fast-action performance over a wide range of modern fly-fishing techniques have an all-new choice. Introducing EVOS and its saltwater equivalent, EVOS SALT – a pair of premium, high-performance rod series three years in the making that marry power with precision like never before.

Introducing Evos And Evos Salt

St. Croix

EVOS challenges the status quo of traditional fly-rod design and sets the bar for multi-technique performance. Conceived and delivered for anglers who make life decisions based on hatch charts, gage heights, and migration timing, EVOS consists of 14 four-piece models ranging from line sizes #4 through #8.

Similarly, EVOS SALT optimizes angler ability by delivering critical control in any saltwater environment — whether driving a hero cast into a relentless headwind or delicately delivering a surgical strike in impossibly calm conditions. Available in seven four-piece models covering critical #6 through #12 line sizes, EVOS SALT gets the ghost in any saltwater situation.

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Both series’ refined actions are exceptionally responsive through a wide range of casting distances, insanely accurate, and provide an unprecedented balance of punch and precision. Fast enough to deliver immense lifting capability, mesmerizing loop stability, and maximum line speed for challenging conditions, EVOS and EVOS SALT compliment their speed and power with intimate feel and feedback ideal for technical angling situations that demand perfect presentation.

Fast-action EVOS and fast/salt-action EVOS SALT tapers are both powered by a next-level carbon fiber matrix and exclusive MITO® Graphene technology. A single-atom-thick layer of carbon, graphene is the stiffest and strongest material known to science. Unlike other fly rods built with pre-applied graphene in the carbon pre-preg, EVOS and EVOS SALT utilize a first-ever functionalized graphene applied in-house at St. Croix at total weight-loading accuracies within .01%. The process fits within St. Croix’s vertical-control philosophy, affords extreme consistency, and ultimately delivers anglers with more of the benefits graphene can provide – namely, dramatically faster recovery, increased torsional rigidity, and significantly improved strength-to-weight ratios.


  • Advanced materials matrix consisting of ultra-high-modulus/high-strain SCVI carbon, high-modulus SCIV carbon, and premium-quality SCII carbon
  • Mito Graphene unlocks the power of hybrid polymer materials and delivers radical hoop strength, optimized loop stability, and absolute accuracy
  • Integrated Poly Curve (IPC) mandrel tooling provides improved energy transfer, increased strength, and mega-efficient rod recovery
  • Advanced Reinforcing Technology (ART) adds a magnitude of 10X strength with virtually no increase in blank diameter or weight
  • Fortified Resin System (FRS) boosts blank strength by 33% over standard resins and curing methods
  • Reinforced Slim Profile Ferrule (SPF) design adds herculean strength with minimal added weight


  • Recoil single-foot guides [#4wt. – #6wt. EVOS]
  • Recoil snake guides [#7wt. – #8wt. EVOS & all EVOS SALT]
  • Cerecoil stripper guides
  • Hook-keeper
  • Modified micro full wells flor-grade cork handle [#4wt. – #6wt. EVOS]
  • Modified full wells flor-grade cork handle [#7wt. – #8wt. EVOS and all EVOS SALT]
  • Uplocking, machined-aluminum reel seat with walnut insert [#4wt. – #5wt. EVOS]
  • Uplocking, machined-aluminum reel seat [#6wt. – #8wt. EVOS and all EVOS SALT]
  • Micro fighting butt with composite end cap [#4wt. – #6wt. EVOS]
  • Fighting butt with composite end cap [#7wt. – #8wt. EVOS and all EVOS SALT]
  • Aluminum rod tube with rod sock
  • 15-year transferable warranty
  • Designed and precision crafted in Park Falls, WI
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  • EV486-4 / 4-weight, 8’6”, 4-piece, fast action / MSRP: $975
  • EV490-4 / 4-weight, 9’, 4-piece, fast action / MSRP: $975
  • EV4100-4 / 4-weight, 10’, 4-piece, fast action / MSRP: $975
  • EV586-4 / 5-weight, 8’6”, 4-piece, fast action / MSRP: $975
  • EV590-4 / 5-weight, 9’, 4-piece, fast action / MSRP: $975
  • EV596-4 / 5-weight, 9’6”, 4-piece, fast action / MSRP: $975
  • EV5100-4 / 5-weight, 10’, 4-piece, fast action / MSRP: $975
  • EV690-4 / 6-weight, 9’, 4-piece, fast action / MSRP: $975
  • EV696-4 / 6-weight, 9’6”, 4-piece, fast action / MSRP: $975
  • EV6100-4 / 6-weight, 10’, 4-piece, fast action / MSRP: $975
  • EV796-4 / 7-weight, 9’6”, 4-piece, fast action / MSRP: $975
  • EV7100-4 / 7-weight, 10’, 4-piece, fast action / MSRP: $975
  • EV896-4 / 8-weight, 9’6”, 4-piece, fast action / MSRP: $975
  • EV8100-4 / 8-weight, 10’, 4-piece, fast action / MSRP: $975
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  • EVS690-4 / 6-weight, 9′, 4-piece, fast/salt action / MSRP: $1,025
  • EVS790-4 / 7-weight, 9′, 4-piece, fast/salt action / MSRP: $1,025
  • EVS890-4 / 8-weight, 9′, 4-piece, fast/salt action / MSRP: $1,025
  • EVS990-4 / 9-weight, 9′, 4-piece, fast/salt action / MSRP: $1,025
  • EVS1090-4 / 10-weight, 9′, 4-piece, fast/salt action / MSRP: $1,025
  • EVS1190-4 / 11-weight, 9′, 4-piece, fast/salt action / MSRP: $1,025
  • EVS1290-4 / 12-weight, 9′, 4-piece, fast/salt action / MSRP: $1,025

Designed and precision crafted in Park Falls Wisconsin, USA with levels of pride and passion that match your own, St. Croix EVOS and EVOS SALT Series rods are an ideal choice for anglers who demand every advantage on every cast, no matter the conditions.

New EVOS and EVOS SALT Series fly rods are being unveiled this week at the AFFTA Confluence in Salt Lake City and will be available to anglers at St. Croix dealers worldwide and online at beginning November 1. Learn more at

Interested in becoming s St. Croix Fly dealer? Visit us in Booth #366 at the Confluence, or email

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