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St. Croix Surf Fishing Rods for Traveling Anglers

Having a multi-piece rod that fishes like a one-piece is a revolutionary concept to most anglers, especially when “getting there” with a high-performance rod is the primary hurdle. That’s certainly true for the legions of surf anglers, many of whom chase bites up and down their home coasts, and others who must first get to the coast, often by airplane.


Surf rods pose an interesting challenge given their traditionally long blanks. Alex Smay, St. Croix’s Northeast Regional Account Manager can attest to conquering these challenges, both for the customers he serves and the fishing he does in his own right. An avid surf angler himself, Smay fishes whenever and wherever he can. Often, that means far from home.

“Back in the day, some traveling surf anglers would find creative ways to ship rods to their angling destinations ahead of time,” Smay says. “But it was often cumbersome, and the rod getting lost or stolen in transit or arriving late was always a possibility. Now they don’t have to; our four-piece Triumph Surf Travel rods pack down small enough to fit into just about any checked bag and can also easily be carried onto any commercial flight. And as with all of our other multi-piece travel rods, traveling with a Triumph Surf Travel rod allows anglers to realize the benefit of traveling with their own rods in the first place – experiencing infallible St. Croix performance once they wet a line.”

Durability is an important hallmark for any surf rod. The rigors of airline handling and travel in general can present damage risks en route, while salt, sand, and rocks threaten the blank as soon as it’s unpacked and rigged. “That’s why Triumph Surf Travel’s SCII carbon is such a great choice for a blank material,” says Smay. “If you’re on vacation with only a rod or two, that last thing you want to do is break it. Couple that material with the moderate-fast actions of both of St. Croix’s Triumph Surf Travel models (TSF90M4 and TSF104) and you’ve got something that’s both versatile and forgiving.”

Smay dives deeper into the engineering of Triumph Surf Travel rods, noting that the first ferrule separation is located between the foregrip and the reel seat. “That’s such a natural spot for the ferrule to go, but most people wouldn’t consider putting it there,” he says. “It makes the rods more packable for sure, but also more fishable without compromising casting.”

It’s design superiority like that which helps make Triumph Surf Travel a favorite for long-haulers that travel great distances, as well as anglers who are simply short on space. Smay confirms: “I have customers up and down the Eastern Seaboard in urban areas who use Triumph Travel Surf as their primary rods. They can store them in an apartment, hop in an uber or throw them in their trunk, and be fishing in minutes without any of the challenges and limitations a long, one-piece surf rod presents. The popularity of these rods speaks not only to their performance and versatility, but also to the overall quality anglers get at a phenomenal price point.”

Regardless of the target species or location, don’t trust your angling experience to someone else’s strange stick during your next fishing vacation or angling-travel opportunity. The good news is you don’t have to have to; there’s no longer any penalty for a packable rod – not when it’s a St. Croix Avid Trek, Triumph Travel, or Triumph Surf Travel rod. Combining St. Croix materials, technology and handcrafted performance with packable, multi-piece designs that fish like one-piece rods, the only time these premium rods act like travel rods is when it’s time to pack up and leave. So, start fishing better; easily pack everything you need and leave the compromises at home.

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