Strike King Introduces the Weedless Squadron Head

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Strike King Introduces the Weedless Squadron Head

Lexington, S.C. – The legendary Squadron Swimbait Jig Head just got better.  New for 2021, Strike King Lure Company is pleased to announce the weedless version of this best-seller.  The Squadron Swimbait Jig Head has a solid reputation for delivering results in virtually every fishing condition.


Mark Zona, world class angler and television host and commentator relies on the Squadron Head year-round across the country.  “The thing I absolutely love about the Squadron Head is how versatile it is, and having a weedless version makes it so much better,” said Zona.  “I use it to rig swimbaits, like the Shadalicious, Rage Swimmers and the Glass Minnow.”


The head is not limited to baitfish imitators, however, Zona said that he has found other uses for it.  “I use it to fish Rage Bugs and I can I slow roll it across the bottom, bouncing it over rocks or skip it under docks, said Zona.  “I fish it literally everywhere; and now, the thing is weedless.”


Zona played a key role in the new weedless version of the Squadron Head.  “As good as this jig head is, we needed a way to get it through cover, and swim it through grass,” Zona explained.  “One of the greatest features of the Squadron Head is the muscled up, wide-gap, black nickel hook.  It is really stout, and even on a small bait, the hook can handle big fish.  So, to get that big hook through cover without getting hung up on debris, we designed the perfect weed guard on the new updated Squadron Head.”


Like the trusted original, the Weedless Squadron Head features a bait keeper that excels at holding the plastic bait firmly in place.  Mark Menendez, 20-year veteran of the Bassmaster Tournament Trail, depends on this feature to manage the bait with all-day performance.  “You rarely have to adjust your bait with this keeper on it,” Menendez offers.  “It keeps you fishing with minimal interruption.”


Also like the original, the 60-degree line tie on the Weedguard Squadron Head allows ideal action on the bait.  Strike King offers the Weedguard Squadron Jig Head in Blue Glimmer, Green Pumpkin, Pearl, Unpainted and in four sizes: 1/4 oz, 3/8 oz, 1/2 oz, and 3/4 oz.


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