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Sunstream Established As Hydraulic Boat Lift Leader After Year OF Market-Redefining Innovation

Kent, WA – Sunstream® Boat Lifts, the leading manufacturer of high-quality hydraulic boat lifts, the SwiftShield™ Automatic Boat Cover System and pioneer of the hydraulic boat lift, announced significant investment in the future of boat lift technology. Capping off a year of revolutionary advancements that will redefine the customer experience and the face of waterfront property well into the future, Sunstream has cemented its position as the leader in boat lift innovation.

Introducing the first in a new range of cable boat lifts, the Sunstream Helix line, the new Helix-P piling lift combines unprecedented hydraulic speed with an attractive hidden cable lift structure and a sleek, modular power supply. Helix delivers a refined aesthetic with easier boarding, increased reliability and safety, reduced noise and launching and lifting speeds as fast as 15 seconds.

There are no visible motors, electrical work, or gearboxes; pilings are low with no side beams, opening views for a more pleasing aesthetic. The frame has non-slip striping on top for safety and a pleasing appearance, and optional Storm Surge Inserts can be added quickly to raise a boat an additional 24-inches. The Helix-P cradle locks in the “up” position to prevent swinging in the wind, reducing cable fatigue and extending cable life.

To power the new Helix line, Sunstream further broke the mold by reinventing hydraulic power systems with the Sunstream Power System (SPS™). By sharing a single powerpack with multiple Sunstream lifts or SwiftShield Automatic Boat Cover Systems, the SPS has many advantages, including lower cost, smaller dock footprint, faster installation, lower maintenance, higher performance, improved safety and greatly reduced dock power requirements. Each SPS is capable of powering 10 or more Sunstream SPS compatible devices up to 125 feet away and, with a 15-inch by 15-inch footprint, it minimizes required dock space. When additional hydraulic devices are added, no further wiring is needed which saves money and hassle. In addition, the SPS uses only 6A/110v power for 10 lifts versus traditional 40A/220v circuit for each lift, which is a fraction of the cost to install and wire. The SPS boasts enhanced reliability as it uses sealed batteries to store energy, so if there’s a power outage, customers can still use their lifts and SwiftShields. The batteries are also compatible with solar charging solutions, eliminating the need for dock power altogether.

This system further simplifies installation as all hoses and wires can be built into the dock structure (underneath), which makes it easier to add or remove boat lifts and provides a clean aesthetic for the dock. The SPS is controlled by RC transmitters on each device plus the Sunstream app which enables the user to have an unlimited number of devices on their phones to control. This is particularly attractive for marina operators and maintenance personnel as all lifts and covers can be controlled by their phones rather than having to manage multiple key fobs or transmitters.

In the first of several potential acquisitions in the near future, Sunstream recently acquired Sarasota Boating World and their digital SwiftShield cover design and manufacturing system. The digital cover technology acquired enables Sunstream’s dealers to take 3D scans of a boat using an iPhone. The scans are then uploaded to create a 3D model, digitally design a boat cover, precisely cut it, and store the data for easy future replacement. This greatly reduces lead times for covers, simplifies measuring, improves fit and durability, and makes re-ordering easy.

“After over 27 years in business, there is still so much opportunity in various boat lift segments to explore, but the fundamentals remain the same using hydraulics to create attractive, high speed boat lifts that enable users to use their boat like their car, and display their boat like a trophy,” said Ken Hey, CEO of Sunstream. “With the launch of the Helix line, we’ve proven that we can marry the best of what we’ve learned over our years with fresh new design enhancements to deliver even more than what our customers want.”

For more information on Sunstream or its complete line of high-quality boat lifts and accessories, please call (253) 395-0500, or visit

About Sunstream Corp

Sunstream Corporation, headquartered in Seattle Washington with regional production throughout the country, is the leading hydraulic boat lift and automatic boat cover system manufacturer in the world. Founded in 1996, Sunstream has been recognized multiple times for their innovation and fast growth.

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