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Survey for Tarpon Anglers

Have you ever fished for Atlantic tarpon? Want to support the conservation of the Silver King? By completing this survey at your knowledge and opinions will shed light on the health of Atlantic tarpon populations. The insights you share will help guide future science on tarpon, as well as shape how we lobby for change in policy and management for this species. By completing the survey, you will also be able to enter into a raffle to win a Patagonia Stormfront Rolltop Backpack.

Specifically, this survey will provide insights related to some of the most pressing management questions related to tarpon populations, current and past threats, and how to best conserve this incredible fishery along with the habitats they rely on. Considering this fishery spans across multiple continents, it will be important to document past and current trends so we can best inform management into the future. Surprisingly, we know very little about this fishery and, to date, their population status has yet to be assessed. As anglers and stewards of this fishery, we must come together to fill in missing gaps in knowledge related to Atlantic tarpon conservation.

We will be distributing this survey every five or ten years so we can also document how well tarpon management practices succeed or, in some cases, need to be modified to best protect the Silver King. By providing a few minutes of your time to fill out this survey, we can together move closer to unravelling the mysteries of this magnificent fish.

Photos: Dr. Aaron Adams

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