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SWITCHBLADE Fishing Lure Patent-Pending Plate System Takes Versatility to the Next Level

 (Costa Mesa, CA) – Today, the SWITCHBLADE lure is announced, revealing a new patent-pending magnetic switch plate system, giving a super versatile style of bait the ability to exponentially change its appearance while it is on the line.  With the ability to match the SWITCHBLADE’s color to the bait fish the trophies are feeding on quickly and without retying, the angler has more time to have a lure in the water targeting fish.


The SWITCHBLADE prototype can be seen in action on Kickstarter and interested backers can support the project here:


A balanced magnet strength keeps the plates secure, and only requires a fingernail to remove.  The SWITCHBLADE lure is weighted for long casts and engineered to swim properly.


From fresh to salt water, casting spoons are known for getting bit by nearly every species of predator fish.  In addition to casting and retrieving, the SWITCHBLADE can be trolled or jigged.  Some of the species that are caught on casting spoons include: Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Walleye, Sauger, Crappie, Lake Trout, Bluegill, Northern Pike, Stripers, Salmon, Redfish and Sea Trout.


“While changing lures trying to figure out what the fish wanted to bite, I wished I could just change the appearance of the lure and skip the cutting and retying. The idea stayed with me, so I went to work and began conceptualizing the idea,” said SWITCHBLADE inventor Scott Henderson.


In addition to the ability to have more time with a bait in the water, the SWITCHBLADE saves the angler the need to buy multiple lures to have every color/pattern option.  With the SWITCHBLADE system, a fisher only needs to buy the body of the lure. The inexpensive plate packs, which are sold separately, will allow the angler to exponentially change the appearance of the lure for a fraction of the cost.


While the SWITCHBLADE patent-pending switch plate system is launching with a casting spoon, the technology is applicable to many different types of lures and styles of fishing.  Upon the successful production of the SWITCHBLADE casting spoon, the company has plans to bring this technology into additional baits.


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