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Tautog Aquaculture Research

Over the last several months, scientists at the NOAA Fisheries Sandy Hook Lab have been working with Dan Ward of Ward Aquafarms on an aquaculture tautog study. The goals are to find the best conditions for spawning of adults and for rearing embryos, larvae, and juveniles. The research team have been exposing embryos and early larvae to a wide range of temperatures, stocking densities, tank size and style, and prey quality and quantity. For the juvenile stage part of the study, they’ll transfer them to Ward Aquafarms. There they intend to identify the best conditions for growing juveniles into adults. Aquacultured tautog offer a year-round supply of market-size fish, boosting regional economies while offsetting fishing pressures. This research is funded by the Northeast Regional Aquaculture Center and the joint project agreement between NOAA and the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries of the Republic of Korea.

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