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The 2022 Albie Shootout Is Almost Here

Albies anglers and therefore tournaments that feature them need to adapt almost every season. Every season seems to have a theme “They are early”, “They are late” “They are huge this year” we have heard them all. As a result we have tweaked The Albie Shootout over the years; but the focus remains a fun celebration of one of our favorite gamefish. Among the tweaks, we saw the need to stretch the tournament to nearly six weeks–September 1-October 10th, 2022–to get more people involved and increase the odds of good fishing and weather. Also, we’ve decided to change the format for 2022 and make it a cumulative length of two albies instead of just one.

How It Works

You will need to sign up and pay your $25 entry fee before entering a fish.You will need to specify whether you are registering for the conventional or fly fishing division–you can purchase two registrations and submit fish for both divisions. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to American Saltwater Guides Association and directly support its Albie Tagging Project.

Upon registration, anglers will receive an Angler ID number. Additionally, at the start of each tournament week, we will send out a new weekly-letter that anglers must write on their hand (along with their unique Angler ID) before entering a fish. Anglers will then lay the fish out beside or on top of a measuring device, with your hand (and Angler ID and weekly-letter clearly visible), and snap a photo of the fish.The photos will then be submitted to Saltwater Edge via email Please declare how you caught your fish (fly/conventional and shore/vessel), the length of the catch, and your Angler ID. The anglers with the largest two-fish tallies in each division (spin and fly) will win prizes. Anglers are encouraged to share their catches on Instagram and tag @albieshooutout and @saltwaterguidesassociation –we will award weekly photo prizes. All photo’s submitted become the property of Saltwater Edge and can be used in future promotion. There will also be prizes for the largest overall albie, bonito, and Spanish mackerel.

2022 Albie Shootout Rules

  1. All participating anglers must hold a valid saltwater fishing license (or reciprocal equivalent) for the state(s) in which they intend to fish.
  2. The Saltwater Edge 2022 Albie Shootout will be open to all anglers fishing the waters from Cape May, New Jersey north.
  3. There will be four divisions: shore-conventional, vessel-conventional, fly-shore, and fly-conventional. All participating anglers will be required to declare the means they caught the fish when they submit their catch.
  4. Each week, we (The Saltwater Edge staff) will send out a new weekly letter. Anglers will be required to write their Angler ID and the weekly letter on their hand and ensure that it can be read in any photo entered. Any photo not showing the angler ID and the weekly letter will be disqualified. For Example, 123456-A.

Albie Shootout Sponsors

  • Van Staal
  • St Croix
  • Shimano
  • Simms
  • Rio Fly Lines
  • Bull Bay Rods
  • Hogy Lures
  • Fish Snax
  • Cortland
  • Orvis
  • Turtle Cove
  • Yo-Zuri
  • SeaGuar

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