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The American Sportfishing Association hosts Women in the Fishing Industry


On the first day of the annual ASA Summit, more than 30 women working in the fishing business gathered to meet and greet as the four day event kicked off. Professionals from manufacturing; media, PR and non-profits has an opportunity to network and share ideas. 

The event was organized by Mary Beth Long; VP Communications for the ASA. 

“We’re excited to have these ladies here for this Women in Fishing Industry event at the American Sportfishing Association Summit,” Long said. “We want to get women together in our industry. There are so many fabulous women who do so many things – manufacturers, retailers, professionals, people in the outdoor space, and we want to bring them together and connect here, at the ASA annual meeting.”

Long has been with the ASA for two years. 

“There are many women who love sport fishing – more than people realize, and I think oftentimes it’s viewed as a male sport, and that’s true.  There’s a lot wonderful men that fish, but it’s also wonderful to have some recognition of the women who are behind so many initiatives and creative ideas. There are women involved in most of the efforts that encompass our industry