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The Gunslinger: There’s A New Gun In Town

Beach Bum Lures is making waves along the Carolina coast with their casting jigs
Beach Bum Gunslinger 380x476 1

Introducing The Gunslinger, an innovative jig from Beach Bum Lures. What makes this lure stand out is its microscale design and built-in reflective properties. The Gunslinger features a detailed, realistic body that mimics small baitfish. Similar to how a real fish’s sides would look in the water, The Gunslinger’s coatings are designed to look natural in the water.

An important innovative element is the lure’s lateral line. Just like a real fish, The Gunslinger has a thin reflective strip running down its sides that triggers predator strikes by imitating the visual cues predators key in on.

“We believe Beach Bum Lures are the most realistic looking metal lures,” said owner Tim Still, “They are a great target for Spanish Mackerel, False Albacore, Atlantic Bonito and, honestly, most all predator fish.”

The Gunslinger was originally designed as a surf fishing lure. However, its popularity with fisherman has taken the bait far beyond the shoreline. The Gunslinger’s unique silhouette and lifelike swimming action seem to attract fish no matter the environment.

“Surf fishing was the start, but now there are just as many boat fisherman using them.” said Tim.

In addition to its realistic design and wide appeal, The Gunslinger is also known for its durability. Beach Bum Lures coats their baits using a proprietary blend of clear coat and epoxy that provides far superior protection compared to typical jig coatings. Anglers can count on The Gunslinger to withstand multiple hard strikes without taking damage.

What started out as a hobby and love of surf fishing, has quickly turned in to a booming lure business. Beach Bum Lures is posed to release several new and exciting lures. Find a bait shop near you, or order online.

About Beach Bum Lures

Beach Bum Lures was formed in North Carolina by Tim Still, who began his lure making career in his backyard with a shoe box, a few lead blanks, a couple cans of spray paint and an oversized imagination. Tim, a former college and professional baseball player, started salt waster fishing on the piers and beaches around Virgina Beach and Norfolk. From years of pier and surf fishing for bluefish, Spanish mackerel, trout, and false albacore, Tim was determined to break the industry molds with color combinations, patterns, and the belief that mostly whatever you can catch from a boat, you can catch from the beach.

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