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The Inland Trout Stamp Helps Fund Habitat Projects

Trout habitat projects are happening all across the state thanks to anglers purchasing inland trout stamps. These stamps allow us to enhance trout habitat in streams that may have been lost because of erosion or fallen trees.

First started in 1977, the trout stamp program was created to provide additional funding for improving and restoring trout habitat.

Plum Creek 01Thanks to purchases of trout stamps, our habitat crews can take areas like Plum Creek in Pierce County (pictured to the right), which was a shallow stream full of fine sediment, burying any instream habitat, and had a high, actively eroding bank, and transform them into streams with sustainable trout habitat with improved angler access.

Plum Creek 02See what the stream looks like now? It has become a narrower stream, with stable instream habitat, like root wads and boulders, sloped banks (which allow high water to flow out of the floodplain without causing any erosion), and good vegetation along the water’s edge to hold everything in place.

Want to see a trout stream habitat project in your area? Talk to your local fisheries biologist and continue to buy your inland trout stamp. Together we can improve trout habitat for generations to come!

View ongoing trout habitat projects using the DNR’s ArcGIS viewer.

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