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The Millennium Marine Shade Tree Umbrella and Holder

Pearl, MS – Fishing boat umbrellas protect anglers from the harsh sun and driving rain on the water. Protection from the sun when out on the water is critical for both skin and eyes against harmful ultraviolet rays. Find your shade, and make fun in the sun safer with the Millennium Marine Shade Tree Umbrella and Holder, built to provide the ultimate protection from the sun.

Damaging effects from the sun’s direct rays can not only put a damper on an outdoor trip in a matter of minutes resulting in sunburned skin, but it can also cause permanent and long-lasting damage. Taking preventative measures such as applying sunscreen, wearing protective clothing, and sporting sunglasses will help to minimize the sun’s effects. However, incorporating a protective umbrella to actually block those rays in conjunction with other measures is the ultimate ultraviolet ray protection for days spent in the direct sun.

The Shade Tree Umbrella offers unsurpassed UV protection by incorporating a double layer of UV protection onto the fabric. The wide 81” open umbrella casts a large area of cooling protection from the harmful sun that’s nearly 7’ across. The umbrella’s fabric incorporates an extraordinary heat-reflective design, producing shelter from the scorching heat. A unique adjustable vent at the top of the umbrella allows hot air to escape when it’s open and can be closed to keep out the rain. The dual-purpose nature of the Millennium Marine Shade Tree Umbrella works as a conventional umbrella in wet weather and shields anglers from the sun on clear days.

Exceptionally light in weight, at only 5.5 pounds, the umbrella opens a full 81 inches wide and provides 69 inches of height underneath when the umbrella is open. The Shade Tree Umbrella is fully adjustable by tilting and swiveling to keep anglers on the shaded side. Strong anodized aluminum and composite construction prevents corrosion from the elements and ensures long life. The included heavy-duty stow and carry bag protects the umbrella during transport. MSRP for the Shade Tree Umbrella is $129.99.

On the water, the best way to secure the Shade Tree Umbrella is in the Shade Tree Umbrella Holder, specifically designed to hold the umbrella and attach it to all standard fishing seat posts. The umbrella holder is constructed of the same anodized aluminum and quality construction as all Millennium Marine products. Doubling as a net holder when the umbrella isn’t in use, the umbrella holder incorporates internal bearings to prevent damage or marring of seat posts. Once attached, the Holder swivels 360 degrees, telescopes in and out, and holds the Shade Tree Umbrella securely for a day on the water and out of the sun.

The Shade Tree Umbrella Holder also fits Millennium’s Side Kick Double Fishing Seat (sold separately). MSRP of the Shade Tree Umbrella Holder is $61.99.

For the ultimate protection against the heat and UV rays of the sun and rainy days, boaters would have a hard time finding a better combination than the U-570 Shade Tree Umbrella and U-571 Shade Tree Umbrella Holder to ensure long, happy, healthy days in the great outdoors. For more information on these and other high-quality Millennium Marine products, please visit

U-570 Shade Tree Umbrella Features:

  • For ultimate comfort, rain or shine
  • Keeps cooler than conventional umbrellas
  • Top swivels and tilts
  • Special coating to reflect heat
  • Added double layer of UV protection
  • Convenient vent on top; open to release hot air or close to keep out rain
  • Adjustable height
  • Lightweight aluminum-and-composite construction
  • Anodized aluminum resists corrosion
  • Heavy-duty stow and carry bag included

U-570 Shade Tree Umbrella Specifications:

  • Material: Aluminum and Composite
  • Height: 75” to the top of the umbrella closed
  • Height: 69” under the umbrella open
  • Width: 81” umbrella open
  • Weight:04 pounds
  • SKU: U-570-00

U-571 Shade Tree Umbrella Holder Gen 2 Features:

  • Constructed of heavy-duty anodized aluminum
  • Attaches to seat post under seat
  • Easy installation, fits all standard boat seat posts
  • Will not mar or damage seat posts
  • Also fits Millennium SideKick Double Fishing Seat (sold separately)
  • Swivels 360° for maximum protection
  • Telescoping adjustment to easily move umbrella post towards or away from seat
  • Simple locking mechanism locks umbrella in place
  • Accommodates 1” to 2-1/2” shaft diameter
  • Can also be used as a net holder
  • One-year Warranty

U-571 Shade Tree Umbrella Holder Gen 2 Specifications:

  • Material: Anodized Aluminum
  • Weight: 3 pounds
  • Size: 6” high, 4″ wide, 17.5-23″ long
  • SKU: U-571-00

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