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The NEW Brush Bomb coming in July from Do-It Molds

Denver, Iowa – Do-It Molds is excited to announce one of its newest soft plastic molds developed for the custom tackle community and avid panfish angler. Introducing the Brush Bomb.

“The panfishing segment in our industry is often overlooked and it was time for Do-It to focus on an exciting and effective new product for this community. This mold borrows elements from the bass world, to bring crappie bait builders a big fish profile, and an excellent hover or pitching bait when targeting fish above brush piles or in heavy cover” – Brennan Chapman (Product Development)

The Brush Bomb’s 2 inch profile produces a “bombing” action, allowing it to crash downward into cribs and brush piles where crappie and bluegill shelter and feed. The Brush Bomb’s versatile tail is designed to allow the angler to tear the appendages apart with ease to promote more action or leave it “whole” for hovering or vertical jigging applications. At 2″ long, the Brush Bomb presents itself as an easy meal and its ribbed body and loud side profile makes it highly detectable.

This new mold is part of the Do-It Essential Series of Molds and is made of high-quality sand-cast aluminum. The Brush Bomb mold has 5 cavities and includes 2 separate tail cavities to easily add color variation.

The new Brush Bomb mold will be released at Icast 2022. It will be immediately available for purchase in July at and coming soon to custom tackle retailers everywhere.

MSRP = $45.00

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