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The Nuts & Bolts of Fishing Crankbaits in the Spring

During the Springtime in early trips to the water, what is your go-to bait when looking for bass? Of course, some of you will say a jig, spinnerbait, or a vibrating jig. These are good choices, but I have another bait to add. My bait choice early in the season when looking for signs of bass is a crankbait. I can cover water from top to bottom with a crankbait, and I won’t run out of options and ways to fish them.

Crankbaits are made in all shapes and sizes, and how successful you can be will depend on how well you stock your crankbait box. I stock and carry a variety of sizes and styles in my box to cover situations that I may come across during the early part of the season. A few crankbaits styles to consider stocking are square bills, flat side, and mid-depth cranks.

Let’s break down early-season crankbaits to help you choose and set up these baits to get the most out of them. We can call this the Nuts and Bolts of Springtime Crankbait fishing.

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