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The Ultimate DIY LED Light Guide

Although there are some amazing and elaborate options available, if you want to explore the idea of improving your boat light setup, you don’t have to start with a big project. It could be as simple as putting battery powered lights on a kayak or paddle boat to make it safer to use at more times of day. It could be a quick tap-in to power and low-draw LED lights to brighten up a storage space. Or it could be one of many other options that help you enjoy your boat and give it a wow factor, too. When you know the types of boat lights available to you and you buy the right ones, you’re sure to feel good about it for years to come.

What Types of Boat Lights Should I Use?

There may be some overlap, opinion, and nuance with the following categories, but it’s important to consider how a light is intended to be used and how it functions. This gives way to taking a sincere look at whether a boat light should have Coast Guard approval, when it should be run, how bright it is, and assurances that you won’t have to replace a cheap light sooner than you want to.

The list below can help you get a great start on knowing what’s required, but always consult the governing laws for waters in your area and consider manufacturer guidance about wiring and lighting systems that may already be installed in your boat. When used together, you can contribute to a safer boating experience for you and those around you.

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